Can We Guess Your Gaelic Name?

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Gaelic names may be hard for English speakers to spell, but they're also gorgeous, unique and meaningful! They speak to the fascinating history of Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles, incorporating elements of the culture of the Gaels as well as that of the Picts, the Britons, the Welsh and others. 

Because poetry and storytelling were hugely important elements of Gaelic culture, Gaelic names often have their origin in beautiful myths or oral histories. Gaelic names reflect a people who valued an artfully told joke as much as exceptional skill on the battlefield and reveal the Gaels' reverence for lovers and fighters, as well as saints and kings. 

If you've always wondered what your Gaelic name would be, this quiz can help. You don't have to be Irish, Scottish or British to take it; all you need is a genuine interest in Gaelic culture. After all, at one time, Celtic languages were spoken across Europe and Asia Minor, so it's possible that at least one of your ancestors knew a few Gaelic words. At the very least, we bet you've heard some of these fascinating names before! So set aside your hesitations, stop looking for four-leaf clovers and come play this quiz!

What kind of an upbringing did you have?

Are you Irish?

You're going on a long-awaited vacation. Once you arrive, you discover your hotel is not the palace from the hotel website's pictures — instead, it's a dirty dump! What do you do?

Who's your favorite Irish writer?

If you were a character from "The Jungle Book," which one would you be?

An artist friend asks you to star in a short film he's making. What do you say?

When people are in a jam, do they go to you for advice?

Imagine you're working on a group project. Which role do you want to play?

How do you feel about your gender?

Who's your favorite Irish musician?

Would you rather minister to the poor or rule them with an iron fist?

What does your father do for a living?

How do you like your potatoes?

Your neighbor is stealing your newspaper. What do you do?

Are you more Catholic or pagan?

Have you ever been to a poetry reading?

Would you rather go on a long road trip across Ireland or write your own advice column?

Which of these animals appears most frequently in your dreams?

Your little sister has dumped her boyfriend, but he's holding on to some of her stuff and won't give it back. What do you do?

Imagine that "American Idol" is holding auditions in your hometown. You're a decent singer with piano skills. Do you go?

If you could move to Ireland, where would you want to live?

Do you have the gift of gab?

How much do you hate the English?

Who's your favorite Irish celebrity?

If you had to be roommates with a mythical Irish creature, which one would you choose?

Be honest: Are you more attractive or more smart?

If you went back in time to live in ancient Ireland, what would your Gaelic job be?

You're throwing an Irish-themed event. What kind of refreshments will you serve?

Truth time: What's your most whimsical secret wish?

Which of these quotes do you relate to the most?

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