Can We Guess Your Favorite Energy Drink?

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

THIS QUIZ GIVES YOU WINGS! It might not wake you up like Red Bull, but it will definitely be a fun time! People all over the world are constantly downing energy drinks in an effort to stay awake. Can we guess what your favorite energy drink is?

Historically, energy drinks were just beverages that included caffeine. Found in many things, caffeine is just a natural stimulant. While many choose to get their dose of caffeine from coffee or soda, others choose to go the route with energy drinks.

People started manufacturing energy drinks from the types seen in many Asian countries. One of the first marketed energy drinks was Dr. Enuf, but the industry has grown immensely since then.

When it comes to these kinds of drinks, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and Monster are leading contenders. Their promises are to give you a quick shot of energy. The brand, NOS, is named after nitrous oxide systems, which are used in race cars to give them a boost of speed. With names like these, you can bet you'll feel a burst of energy! But which one is your favorite?

If you're simple and just need something that works, you might be 5 Hour Energy. There's not much to the packaging, but it does its job! Rather than 5 Hour Energy, you might be looking for a crazy experience with a Four Loko. A controversial mix of caffeine and alcohol, this drink is sure to make you feel something.

​What's your favorite energy drink? Take this quiz and we'll take a guess! While it might not be a shot of caffeine, this fun quiz will surely wake you up!

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