Can We Guess Your Favorite Childhood Pet?

By Jody Mabry on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Nothing fills us with warm memories like thinking of our childhood pets! Whether you had a fluffy bunny or a hamster, you learned a lot about life from taking care of another living creature. In fact, we think your childhood pet taught you so much, we'll be able to guess what that animal was simply by learning about you.

Throughout the quiz, we'll ask you about some of your favorite childhood things. We'll also ask how you currently feel about pets, and what you think you learned the most about from being a young pet owner. While some of us were inseparable from our puppies, others of us were more than content to call a hermit crab our favorite. The things you loved as a kid, and the things you love now, will go along way into helping us make our most informed guess. We're ready to learn about some of your most adorable characteristics so we can figure which pet you loved the most. 

You might not have had an iguana or a ball python, but we're guessing your favorite childhood pet will be fun to find out! Play along with us, and we'll give it our best shot! 

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