Can We Guess Your Favorite 1990s Toy?

By Steven Miller on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

BOP IT. TWIST IT. PULL IT. Oh no, you're out! Not just yet! The 1990s was a decade filled with popular toys for children and maybe even adults to play with! From Bop It to raising a virtual pet, can we guess your favorite 1990s toy?

If you grew up in the 1990s, you know there was an abundance of toys to play with. It was just a matter of figuring out what kind you wanted. 

For those interested in the tech-like toys, maybe you were playing with a Game Boy. Released by Nintendo in 1989, this popular system came with games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros., and Pokemon. Rather than playing with a Game Boy, you might've been a fan of raising virtual pets with a Tamagotchi. 

For the children who loved dolls, you might've been playing with a Troll Doll or Furby. You also could've been creating an imaginary life for Polly Pocket.

While most of the games helped keep you still, some of them got you moving! Who could forget the popular Bop It? Many kids were going around challenging their friends to see who could get the highest streak. Maybe you were outside with your Skip It! Wrapped around one ankle, you probably were counting how many times you could hop over it!

With all the toys that came out during the decade, we're sure there was one you favored over all the rest. Answer these questions and we'll guess which 1990s toy was your favorite. Are you ready?

Let's play! 

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