Can We Guess If You Wear Boxers Or Briefs?

By: Jody Mabry
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About This Quiz

Do you like to keep things light and airy or tucked into bed like a toddler? Everyone has their own preference, but which is yours? Answer these few questions and we'd like to guess if you wear boxers or briefs!

Would you say you have good fashion sense?

What is your underwear color and design scheme?

Which blend of fabric do you prefer?

How do you enclose your underwear?

Has your underwear ever seconded for another piece of outwear?

Does your significant other wear your underwear?

How much money are you willing to pay for a pair of underwear?

Should underwear be stylish?

Do you test the product before buying?

How do you decide on which underwear to buy?

What do you feel your clothing style is?

How active are you?

What is the best reason to not wear boxers?

What is the best reason to not wear briefs?

Which is most important to you?

What kind of a bed do you sleep in?

What is your job like?

Do you have a preferred designer?

Which age do you think you were actually cool?

What do you think of the heated seat feature that comes with cars?

Where did you grow up?

Which magazine would you pick up while waiting at the dentist's office?

Which of these has happened to you?

What do you wear to the beach?

It's midnight on Saturday. What are you doing?

Which is your favorite TV show?

How long do you wait for a first kiss when you are dating?

What music do you listen to, in order to get "in the mood?"

How do you prefer your clothing?

How well do you accept change?

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