Can We Guess Who Wears the Pants in Your Relationship?

Khadija Leon

About This Quiz

While we are sure that both halves of your household wear literal pants from time to time, we're talking figuratively here. An idiom dating back to the 1500's when women were forbidden from wearing trousers and men were presumed to be in charge, the phrase's meaning has changed very little. Hearing all about your relationship will help us figure out which one of you rules the roost and which one rules the rooster. 

Our roles in relationships tend to evolve and twist over time. Though it is the rare relationship that enjoys complete 50/50 status, most relationship see partners picking up where the other leaves off. For this quiz, we're going to examine the way the two of you interact. We will also gather subtle information about your level of bossiness and your level of compromise to figure out the age old question! You might think you're the boss, but it's best to find out for sure. As they say, knowledge is power and it might just have the power to transform your lives together. 

Knowing which one of you should take the reins and which one should take the rear is one thing. Knowing you are the one that really wears the pants is priceless. Let's find out which one of you gets the honor - and the responsibility!

How did you meet?

Who made the first move?

Which of these songs, is your song?

Who is the spoiled one in the relationship?

Which of you initiates “sexy” time?

Do you guys answer each other’s phones?

Who has the higher income?

Who reaches for the check first when paying for a meal?

Who usually pays when you go out for dinner?

Has your significant other ever spoken for you when others someone has asked you a question?

Do you interrupt people when they speak?

How do you decide where to go to on your next vacation?

Which of these are you responsible for?

Who usually wins when you guys have arguments?

How do arguments usually end?

How long does it take you to apologize?

Which one of you is more critical?

When you two are having a competition, who usually dominates?

When choosing which movie to watch, who usually makes the decision?

Do your parents approve of your partner?

Which one of you is likely to propose first?

Do you want to get married?

Which of the five love languages is most dominant?

Do you or your partner ask each other for permission when making decisions?

If your significant other were a candy, which of these would they be?

Which of these colors best represents your significant other?

Which word best describes you?

If you had a kid, who would that kid run to when they want something?

Which of these would you eat for breakfast?

Where do you do most of your food shopping?

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