Can We Guess Which State You Grew Up In?

By Zoe Samuel on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Growing up in a place shapes a person the way a sculptor shapes clay. Some states are unforgiving and wild, encouraging rugged individualism. Some states sport huge urban areas where men and women of all stripes rub elbows, encouraging pluralism and tolerance. Still, other states are defined by their coasts, vast expanses of the sea that instill a sense of wonder and respect.

Each state has a unique combination of characteristics, like food, popular music, and how people get from place to place. A state is a lifestyle, from where and how you shop, to what sport you follow and what team you favor. A home state is a state of mind more than anything else; a lens through which we see the world and judge what happens in it. People who grew up in the countryside feel the value of wide open spaces and people who grow up in dense urban environments know that it is possible to be surrounded and anonymous all at the same time.

Answer a few questions for us, and we will triangulate the location of your home state from your vernacular, your tastes, your loyalties, and your lifestyle. We will predict the identity of your home state!

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