Can We Guess Which Saint You Chose for Confirmation?

By Steven Miller on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

When you were born, your parents decided to baptize you into the Catholic church and to give you a name that they hoped would be fitting to who you would become. By the time you reached the sacrament of Confirmation, the time had come for you to decide if you agreed with your parent's decision to choose that path for you, and, if so, to select a saint's name that represented the spirit of who you conceived of yourself to be.  At the very least, you would choose a figure in the church's history who inspired you to be a better version of yourself.

Some saint's names are more popular than others. For example, the current pope chose the name of one of the most popular holy figures in history to represent him as leader of the Catholic Church. St. Francis of Assisi, with his connections to animals, the environment, and his colorful personality, is a beloved figure who many young people choose for their Confirmation name. Similarly, Mary, the mother of Jesus, holds a similar kind of popularity as a name that many young women want to represent them.

Whether you went to Catholic school or not, we've got a few questions related to the experience of growing up Catholic that we think will shed some light on the name you chose. We believe this quiz has your name written all over it.

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