Can We Guess Which NFL Team You Grew Up Watching?

Gavin Thagard

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When you were young and just learning about the game of football, what went into deciding who your favorite NFL team would be? Was it the star players on the field, maybe that legendary quarterback with the attitude and skills to match? Did you choose your hometown team, the one that your parents and friends all rooted for? Maybe you were a rebel and picked your favorite team based on jersey colors or what the team's mascot was. 

No fan determines their favorite team the same way, but we all come to love one team over all the others. We root for our favorite each Sunday alongside both friends and rivals, talking trash from kickoff until time runs off the clock. If our team wins, we are inspired and hopeful for the next week. If our team loses, we cry ourselves to sleep until the next kickoff. One thing is certain, however, and that is the fact that we are always there rooting for the team we grew up watching week to week. 

Do you think we know which team you grew up watching? Here's your chance to find out. Get started and see how much we really know about you!

Which quality do you admire most in a quarterback?

Which part of the United States do you like most?

Which type of pass would you throw?

Which job do you prefer?

Which type of offense do you prefer?

If you were in a cafeteria, which food would you put on your plate?

Which of these animals do you like most?

How do you prefer to win a game?

What's your favorite holiday?

Which skill position do you build around?

Which vehicle would you drive?

Which position would you play on defense?

What's your wardrobe like?

Where would you start building your team?

Which number would you use in a password?

Which type of head coach do you like?

Which offensive lineman is most important?

What would you rather buy a painting of?

Which is more valuable in preparation for a game?

What would you say at a press conference after a loss?

What do you do the night before a game?

Which book are you more likely to read?

Which position would you go after in the off-season?

What would you do the night after a victory?

Who's your favorite superhero?

What do you think about your rival?

Do you care about covering a point spread?

How do you feel about paying players?

Which color would you paint your car?

What's the highest you would draft a running back?

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