Can We Guess Which Drunk Stereotype You Are at Parties?

By Kennita Leon on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL! Before you start listening to Jamie Foxx's song about blaming it on the booze or the patron, you should probably figure out what kind of drunk you are. 

As long as you're legal in your country, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a little drink. If you're into hard liquors, you might favor vodkas, rum, whiskeys, or gin. For those who can't drink them straight, you might mix them in with Coke, cranberry juice, or tonic water. For the cocktail lovers, you might be going for a margarita or a daiquiri. And if you're trying to get LIT, you might choose the combination of vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, and gin in a Long Island Iced Tea. A few too many of these, and you're probably way past your threshold for being drunk. The question we really want to ask is what kind of drunk are you? 

Are you the sad drunk who can't help thinking about all their relationship troubles? You might call up an ex or hook up with someone new to get over them! You could be an aggressive drunk. When the alcohol hits your system, you can't help but get a little rowdy. Rather than a sad or aggressive drunk, you might be the happy drunk! After a few too many margaritas, you might become the life of the party!

Which drunk are you? Hopefully, you haven't had too many blackouts to answer these questions! 

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