Can We Guess Which Bad Habit Drives You Crazy?

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You are keenly aware of the behaviors around you, and there are some bad habits make you crazy! Of all the annoying things people do, see if we can which of their bad habits makes you absolutely nuts!

Are you easily annoyed?

Do you think you are a picky eater?

Which do you find most annoying?

What is the one thing your best friend does that makes you crazy?

What would you do if someone were interrupting your work?

Is there anything about the grocery store that you dislike?

What is the best way to move through a crowd?

How much do you like children?

What aspect of driving do you think most people could improve?

What is the worst thing you have seen someone do in a restaurant?

Do you think that you are observant?

What is your worst bad habit?

Which person's bad habit drives you the craziest?

How do you feel when someone writes a check at the checkout counter?

Do you have bad habits that drive someone else nuts?

What personal hygiene task do you believe should always be done alone?

What do you do when someone is doing something that irritates you?

What should people always brush their teeth after eating?

How would your friends describe your temperament?

What drives you craziest around the workplace?

Do you have good manners?

Which "Saved by the Bell" character did you find most irritating?

What area of your life would you like to improve?

How would your friends describe your driving?

Do you forgive easily?

How should toilet paper hang on a roller?

Do you like surprises?

Which thing do you wish you had more of right this second?

What community center class might you take?

Which musical star do you think is the rudest?

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