Can We Guess Where You Met Your Significant Other?

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With so many places for people to meet a potential life partner, many people have decided to make a game out of it. Everyone wants to know where a couple first met. Do you think we can guess where you did? Let's get started!

How long ago did you meet your significant other?

How long did you know your significant other before dating?

What first attracted you to your significant other?

How often do you and your significant other text each other?

Where was your first date?

How many dates did you have before you first kissed?

Where did people first see you as a couple?

What is your favorite type restaurant to go to while on a date?

What is the most active date you've had?

How long did you date before getting married?

What is your favorite take out food?

What do you think of online dating?

How many online dating profiles do you have?

When online dating, how long will you message someone before accepting a date?

Do you know anyone who found love online?

Do you like to go to office parties?

Have you ever embarrassed yourself at an office party?

Where does your office have their party?

Have you ever hooked up with an officemate?

Do you have a crush with anyone in your office?

How cool are your friends?

How often do you hang out with your friends?

What do you think about double dating?

Do your friends get involved in your love life?

Who is your closest friend?

Have you ever dated a stranger?

Who is the cutest stranger you dated?

How would you describe your lifestyle?

How many relationships did you have before meeting your significant other?

How do you and your significant other hang out at home?

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