Can We Guess Where You Live, Based on Your Favorite Foods?

By Zoe Samuel on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Has your palate been refined by the place you live? We think we'll be able to tell your location based upon your favorite foods! We aren't going to ask you to list your favorite foods as much as we are going to ask you to describe them. Getting a good feel for the fundamentals behind the foods you love will help our geo-locators to find you based on your love of food. 

Throughout the United States, different regions have their own specialty foods. While Mainers love Lobster, Texans love steak. You don't have to totally love the foods that are specific to your region, but we're sure that we will dig deep enough to know where your culinary favorites come into play. Even your favorite burger or pizza toppings can give the area you live in away. Certain things can only be found in certain places, but we might not even need to go that deep!

Share your favorite healthy, greasy, home cooked foods with us, and we'll take our best guest about the place you call home. Will it be a coastal city or a Midwestern town? Let's see how close we can get to where you actually live!

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