Can We Guess Where You Grew Up by Your Taste in Snacks?

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Some of us eat to live, and the more enlightened of us live to eat! If you think about your next snack while you're eating your current snack, then this is the quiz for you. The kinds of snack foods that we crave are extraordinarily regional. You're probably not reaching for pork rinds if you live in Boston, and you're definitely not looking for boiled peanuts if you live in Los Angeles.

It's not just the brands of snacks either. Depending where you're from, you might have very strong regional preferences for flavors. Are you a Cheetos purist? Or do you like the melt-your-face-off spicy Flamin' Hot variety? We reckon that if you're from the Midwest, you prefer the former. If you're from the Southwest, you prefer the latter.

Even things like jerky are regional! You might prefer alligator jerky in the South, seitan jerky in the Northwest, and traditional jerky in the East.

So gather the crunchies and munchies of your choosing, make sure you have a napkin, and get ready to take this quiz! We bet we can tell you where you're from based on your answers (and the Dorito dust left on your keyboard.)

Which kind of nuts do you prefer for snacking?

Which Doritos flavor do you like most?

Which raw vegetable would you have as a snack?

Which Hostess snack cake is your jam?

Which candy bar do you prefer?

Do you ever snack on crackers and cheese?

Which Little Debbie Cake is yummiest?

Would you ever snack on boiled peanuts?

Which fruit would you reach for as a midday snack?

Do you enjoy eating beef jerky?

Which type of donut is your favorite?

Which Chex Mix flavor tastes the best?

Which ice cream flavor do you prefer?

Which homebaked treat do you like most?

Which popcorn flavor can you devour?

Which type of crackers do you like most?

Which flavor potato chips do you order with a sandwich?

What kind of pizza rolls do you like most?

Which leftover makes the best snack?

Are you a healthy snacker?

Which kind of Jolly Rancher tastes the best?

What snack might you grab out of the fridge?

Do you like Skittles or Starburst more?

What time of day do you snack the most?

Do you prefer Mike & Ike or Dots?

How do you feel about Twizzlers?

Which kind of gummy treat do you like most?

What kind of Jello would you have for a snack?

Do you ever eat sunflower seeds as a snack?

Do you like Lemonheads?

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