Can We Guess Where You Grew Up by Your Taste in Men?

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It's so easy to guess your source of origin from the type of males that tingle your insides. The formative years of your life have everything to do with the many main squeezes you tend to go after. Allow our science to prove the accuracy of this love theory.

If you have a weakness for music men, you were most likely raised in a major suburb area, like Long Island, New York or Orange County, California. A desire to have a large family probably means you weren't raised in a big city. Why? When was the last time you saw a family of 12 anywhere, let alone in a major metropolitan fortress-like Philadelphia or Chicago? Do you want a man that works with his hands? You've seen many a cabinet-maker and home-builder in rural America. This theory makes a lot of sense — we are drawn to what we are familiar with.

For all you rebels out there, neither can you escape the strong romance preferences that were ingrained in you during your sprouting years. Seeing people who remind you of Dad, your brothers or your uncles triggers pleasant memories of security, and your brain releases endorphins that make you feel all lovey-dovey inside. Like we said, it's science!

Tap into our love technology, and we'll guess your hometown.

Is it true that you desire a man who goes to the gym at least twice a day?

Does a toothy smile turn you on?

Do you prefer that your ideal guy hold the door open for you on dates?

Is it true that the man of your dreams takes charge and pays for everything when he's with you?

Can you imagine your bae pushing a baby's stroller in a park one day?

Can you stand to see a man in flip flops?

The man that you want has an amazing character. Do you mind that he still lives with his parents?

How do you feel about men who cook?

What type of movies do you expect the ideal man to watch?

What is a profession that your perfect male should never do?

What are some names that your dream type might have?

Do you care to complete this common phrase: "Chivalry is ________"?

Does he have to be a dog lover?

Your man knows all the latest slang, right?

Does he play the hero or the villain in the movie in your head?

When your perfect mate first sees you, what will he be doing?

The kind of man you like works twice as hard to make the money that'll keep you happy. Is that true?

What type of music preference is a deal-breaker?

What's the best facial hair style for him?

If you met your ideal man at a bar at night, what is the first thing he'd say?

Are you into family guys or bachelors?

What is the perfect first-date meal that you share with Mr. Right?

You can tell a lot by how a man was raised. What kind of dad would your ideal man have?

What's the most weight that Mr. Can-Do can lift?

Your guy is at the supermarket to pick up kale. Does he grab organic?

Is bad breath a disqualifier?

Does your best man bring you a dozen roses?

How do you like a man to respond after you ask to pass by him?

Your perfect guy pairs his T-shirts with what?

Your favorite movie quote will shed some light on your ideal guy. What is it?

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