Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Fast Food Preferences?

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Fast food companies make it their business to be consistent. A burger in Alaska should taste the same as a burger in Texas and technically that should taste the same as the very same burger in Japan. But fast food places also understand that regional tastes vary, and that means what's popular in Alaska may not be the same as what's popular in Texas and Japan. The McRib may not be the meal of choice for people who live in Los Angeles and Taco Bell may not be the delicious choice for people in Acapulco. What does all that mean? it means there's a good chance where you live and where you grew up can really have an effect on the kinds of food you like to eat even today.

Sure there are plenty of boring ways to tell where someone comes from - their accent, their address, just asking them, but that's hardly in-depth and doesn't really help you decide on what you might want for lunch. Instead, why not answer a few questions about some of the most popular fast food choices from some of the best restaurants out there and we'll use that info to guess exactly where you grew up? Just take the quiz and see.

What's the best fast food burger place?

If you like chicken, where are you going to go to get some?

If you feel like having a little fast food taco action, what sounds best?

Of all the fast food fries in the world, who makes the best ones?

Which of these famous fast food burgers sounds best to you?

You shouldn't have a burger without a drink. What place makes the best milkshakes?

What are you going to put on your burger to make it even better?

If you're not in the market for fries, what's the best fast food side dish?

Do you enjoy a fast food dessert now and then? Pick your favorite!

No one likes every kind of fast food. What's your least favorite burger place?

Not every potato needs to be in french fry form. Pick your favorite non-fry potato!

What kind of cheese do you want on your burger?

Most fast food chains have a variety of buns if you're into bread. What's the best bun?

What kind of side dish do you wish more fast food places had?

What condiment do you need on a burger before it's worth eating?

You don't need veggies on a burger but they help make it even better, don't they? What's the best veggie going?

When you're thirsty at a fast food place, what's going to hit the spot best?

Everyone and their uncle makes chicken in bite-sized form, but what's the best kind?

A potato is pretty awesome on its own, but what can spice it up to make it even tastier?

If you were hitting up a Wendy's, what would you most like to order?

What's the best thing McDonald's has ever had on their menu?

What's the ultimate fast food breakfast?

Do you ever order anything spicy when you get fast food?

Who makes the best sandwiches in the world of fast food?

Fast food seafood is a popular choice. Who makes it best?

What's the crowning achievement of the Taco Bell menu?

What's your favorite kind of fast food cuisine, anyway?

What fast food place needs more love than it gets?

Who makes the best fast food pizza ever?

What's the best fast food mascot ever?

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