Can We Guess Where in Britain You Live Based on How You Speak?

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English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, and also one that has borrowed the most from other nations' tongues. But while there are varieties of English all over the planet that are diverse to the point of becoming separate dialects, even within the United Kingdom, English is spoken in a variety of different ways. Indeed, one reason the great English class system continues to exist to this day is that it's possible to tell a great deal about an English person's background just based on the way they speak. As Henry Higgins of "My Fair Lady" fame puts it, "An Englishman's way of speaking absolutely classifies him. The moment he talks, he makes some other Englishman despise him!"

From the dropped H's of Cockney in London's East End, to the short vowels of most accents from Birmingham and north, to the specific idioms and vocabulary that are common north of the border; from the BBC newsreader voice that is considered one of the most recognizable on the planet, to the soft Edinburgh accent that scores highest for immediate trust, there is a huge spread within English. Tell us how you use it and we'll see what it tells us about you!

How do you say something is great?

What is a little river called?

What is a midsize inland body of fresh water called?

What's a saying you like about money?

How do you say you are not informed of something?

What is a generic term for a boy or young man?

What is a word for an infant?

How do you tell someone they are physically pleasing to you?

How do you greet your friend?

How do you indicate that you agree with something you just heard?

What's a neutral - neither offensive nor polite - word to refer to a man?

How do you thank someone?

If you finally got your mitts on a nice hot cup of tea after a cold and miserable day, what might you say?

How do you say someone is a really good sort of person?

What do you call the powder room?

What's some local slang that people probably wouldn't understand without context?

What is a word for any fight from a small and mostly civil disagreement between two people to a giant riot in which many people are seriously injured?

What's another way to say something's really good?

How do you say someone is wealthy?

How do you say someone is poor?

How might you say you are going somewhere quickly, as in a short errand?

What curse word would you use if you didn't want to be too offensive?

What is a good casual place to get some food?

What's the big long multi-person seat opposite your TV?

What room do you hang out in at home?

What nickname do you call law enforcement?

How do you say "wow"?

How do you convey that you are inebriated?

What do you call the meal you eat in the evening?

What time is teatime?

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