Can We Guess When You Met Your Significant Other?

By Kennita Leon on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Take a long gaze at a photo of your and your significant other before you take this quiz! Learning about your relationship and your hopes for the future will help us to figure out when the two of you first met. Were you one of the lucky ones that met when you were really young, or did your sweetheart coming storming into your adult life when you were not looking? We think we can figure it out! 

The two of you might, or might not, have a lot in common, but the things that you do throughout your day together can give us subtle clues about the length of time you have been in one another's lives. Overtime, we're sure that you've picked up on some of each other's habits. The level of this integration will shine a light on how much time you've had to essentially morph into each other. Describing yourself and your significant other will give away your anniversary, we are sure!

It may feel like you've been together for decades, but some loves are deeper than your number of years. We are really curious to see if we can get it right. Let's see how we do!

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