Can We Guess What Your Future Son's Name Will Be?

By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Ariel Skelley/DigitalVision/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Do you think we can guess what your future son's name will be? Will it be Matthew, James, Zachary or something more interesting and cute, like Nino? You'll never know if you don't take this fun quiz! 

In this quiz, you're going to play the role of a parent, and we're going to ask you 30 questions about your future son and your parenting skills! We'll ask you everything about what he's going to look like, to how intelligent he's going to be. The answers to these questions will not only reveal what your future son's name will be, but will also tell us what kind parent you're going to be as well! Do you think you'll raise your future son in a strict and tough manner, or are you going to be a chill and relaxed parent? This quiz will unveil the truth about you and your future son!

If you're ready to finally find out what your future son's name will be, it's time to take this quiz right now! Will his name be Matthew, James, Zachary or Nino? And more importantly, what kind of parent will you be with your future son? All will be revealed soon with this quiz!

In what season will your future son be born?

Will your future son have any siblings?

Which of these rules will you enforce with your future son?

In what type of environment will he be raised?

If your son becomes a superhero, who would he be?

What do you think your son will be when he grows up?

Will your future son be more sensitive and soft or tougher?

Will you spoil him with toys?

What kind of sports do you want your future son to play?

Let's say one day your future son tries to sneak out of the house. What would you do?

Will you let your future son play video games?

In what school subject will your future son excel?

What will your future son's hair color be?

Will your son be more creative or more logical?

Are you going to teach your future son how to cook?

Will your son do any chores around the house?

Are you going to give your future son an allowance?

Your son will be more _________ in school.

You want your future son to be...

Will your future son be family-oriented?

Would you ever let your future son drive a motorcycle?

Do you think your future son will be rebellious?

Your future son's best personality trait will be his...

You want your future son's eye color to be...

When would you want your future son to move out?

What kinds of movies would you want to watch with your future son?

How would you feel if your future son gets any piercings or tattoos when he gets older?

How often would you let your future son hang out with friends?

Will you help your future son with his homework?

Will your future son play any instruments?

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