Can We Guess What You Absolutely Can't Stand in Others?

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We all know that nobody's perfect, which is probably why patience was invented. You see, we need patience in order to deal with certain things in life, whether it be waiting for someone to do something, waiting for someone to arrive or for tolerating annoying people. But there are times when even patience fails us, even if we have a lot or a little. There are times when people do things that are so irritating, infuriating and exasperating, that we come close to losing it. Today, we're going to attempt to guess what that infuriating thing is, for you. 

Is it self-centeredness? Do you hate it when someone just can't and won't shut up about how great they think they are? Or maybe it's self-pity. Does the "woe is me" act kill your buzz every single time? Maybe you despise unreliable people. You can never trust that they'll do what they say they're gonna do. Or, maybe you hate the Pinocchios of the world? Not only is dishonesty annoying, but it's also pretty ugly. 

So, if you're willing, we're going to ask you a few questions about yourself, your pet peeves and other things and then we'll analyze your answers and tell you what you cannot stand in others. If you think we've got what it takes to correctly guess what that thing is, or if you're skeptical and want to prove us wrong -- take this quiz! 

What offends you the most?

You just lost your job, what would make the most upset?

What do you respect most?

Your friend didn't get a job they wanted, what reaction would bother you most?

Do you dislike people that are conceited about their appearance?

Do you get mad when friends complain about their life but don't do anything?

Who are you least likely to buy dinner for?

What do you want your best friend to do when you're having a bad day?

Does it bother you when people cut in line in front of you?

Why do you think you didn't get a promotion but someone else did?

What do you do when you have someone walking slowly in front of you?

Do you feel bad for people asking for help on websites like gofundme?

How do you feel when one of your friends is running late to meet up with you?

What bothers you most in a person you are dating?

How much does it bother you when people don't listen to you when you talk?

What bothers you most about a bad roommate?

What kind of people bug you on the dancefloor?

What is the worst thing a friend can do?

How do you feel when people interrupt you?

How you do you feel when people over exaggerate?

How often should a person clean their house?

How do you feel about people who are selfish?

How do you feel about people with big egos?

Do you like Paris Hilton?

How long should a small time con man go to prison?

Your best friend always thinks she is sick, but she never really is ,does it bother you?

You just found out your teenage daughter stole 5 dollars from you, what do you do?

You have a friend you love hanging out with, but you can't count on them at all. Are they really a friend?

What job would you be the worst at?

Which celebrity bugs you the most?

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