Can We Guess What Type of Crop You Farm?

By: Zoe Samuel
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There are a few staple crops in the world that provide a disproportionately large amount of the calories that humans eat. These include wheat, maize, rice, potatoes, soybeans, yams, sorghum, cassava, sugarcane and sweet potato - and if you haven't heard of a couple of those or find it surprising that they are on the list, that's because they are staple crops in parts of the world that tend not to export as much to the United States or Europe.

While some crops can grow in a huge variety of places, others prefer a specific climate and topography. For example, potatoes hail from the Americas but transferred beautifully to the European climate, which is itself pretty varied. However, salad crops can only grow where there is plenty of water and thus aren't suited to certain places. Rice is an extremely labor-intensive crop that can produce several harvests a year, while barley grows one crop a year and thus gives you the winter off. Certain fruits only grow wild for a few weeks but put up a large greenhouse, and all bets are off!

This means that different crops lend themselves to different cultures and personalities. Historically, it was the crop that shaped the culture, but these days farmers - like the rest of us - can choose more easily what they think suits them. Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll figure out what you'd farm!

What's your number one feeling about the future?

What sort of climate do you like?

How steady a worker are you?

How glamorous are you?

Are you naturally nurturing?

Do people understand you?

Do you get on with most people you meet?

Do you mind taking up space?

Do you worry that you don't think long term enough?

Do you often find yourself cleaning up other people's messes?

How important is it to stay in good shape?

What sort of person do you like to work with?

Do you prefer the great outdoors?

What landscape suits you?

Is project-based work your jam?

How important is beauty in your work?

Are you methodical and precise in your thinking?

How good are you at bringing a little joy into daily life?

Do you ever take time for yourself?

Can you handle complex processes?

Do you use a lot of heavy equipment?

What's the soil like where you live?

Is water access an issue?

How important is making a profit?

Would you hope for your children to be farmers?

When did you learn to farm?

Who is the main customer for your crops?

How predictable are your crops?

How many harvests a year is ideal?

How important is regenerative agriculture?

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