Can We Guess What Kind of Cheese You Are?

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There are many different types of flavorful cheese  known for their various tastes, textures and aromas. But cheese isn't just a type of snack or burger condiment, it also relates to your personality. So whether you're a fan of soft brie , mild muenster or aged cheddar, we're about to embark on a rather cheesy journey through your personality!

Now before we deep dive into this personality quiz, let's talk about some popular types of cheese first. You might already be familiar with cheddar, which is an aged cheese that ranges from mild to sharp flavors (there are even extra sharp flavors too)! So if you have a personality that is more rigid and tough, you might be like sharp cheddar cheese. On the other hand, if your personality is more calm and mellow, then you're probably like mild cheddar cheese. You might also be familiar with provolone, mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola and Swiss cheese. And if you really want to get fancy, indulge in some camembert for seriously soft texture. But enough about these types of cheese, it's time for you to take our cheesy quiz to find out more about your inner personality!

When it comes to feeling stressed in life, which of the following soothing activities do you partake in?

Let's take a look at your inner feelings and emotions. How do you currently feel about your life?

If your personality was like a type of hot sauce, how spicy would it be?

Can you talk to other people with ease or does this seem like a scary task for you?

Everyone has a certain type of view on life, but are your views more optimistic or pessimistic?

Would you describe yourself as a moody person or is this just a big bag of lies?

Are you the type of person who lights up a room from your charm alone or is this the polar opposite of your personality?

Is your personality more smooth and soft or is it a little rough around the edges?

When it comes to approaching complex problems in life, is it better to think in a more creative or logical way?

Cheese can be quite delicious as a snack. What do you like to pair a few slices of cheese with?

Let's say that your personality was like an onion. How many layers would be within your soul?

Are you more honest and straightforward when it comes to being truthful with others or do you tend to tell more white lies?

If you were at a fancy party, would you be found mingling with others or hiding in a corner?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much can you tolerate spicy foods?

If your life was like a yin and yang symbol, what would those two contrasting colors be?

Are you the type of person who has more expensive tastes in life or are you a bit more frugal?

Fill in the blank: My personal growth and development in life has been solely determined by my ____________.

Does your confidence ever turn into arrogance or do you always remain humble in life?

When you're surrounded by friends and family, do you tend to act more serious or silly around them?

Consider this dare to test your bravery: would you eat a big slice of cheese that is 100 years old for $20?

When it comes to your thought patterns, are they more restless and sporadic or calm and peaceful?

Do you consider yourself to be a wise soul or are you really young at heart?

Is your taste in cheese impacted by the way it looks or does this make no difference to you?

Some people are very organized while others are a bit messy. Where do you fall on the cleanliness spectrum?

Rise and shine! It's 6:00 am and we want to know if you're enthusiastic for the day or if you'd rather skip work or school.

Do you prefer to plan out activities or is it more fun to just go with the flow of life?

The mind can either be more open or narrow depending on the person. How would you describe your mind?

Be honest here: do you secretly have a hidden side to you that nobody knows about?

If your personality was similar to a type of element, which of the following would it be?

Are you the type of person who is able to maintain their concentration for a long period of time?

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