Can We Guess the Tragic Backstory for Your D&D Character?

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For the select few of us, when we walk into a gaming shop and see the display set up for a Dungeons & Dragons game, it's like we get transported to another world. Gone are the stale shelves of gaming miniatures and resource books and in comes the rich forestry of Neverwinter. You approach the other players, greet them and start to feel the change coming over you. Instead of your typical 9 to 5 job as a corporate cog, you're suddenly a dungeon-crawling bad*ss with plusses to all your stats and a bag of holding. 

The key to a good Dungeons & Dragons campaign is a great storyline. For new Dungeonmasters, there are prewritten storylines which are great to learn from. However, if you get a seasoned DM, you'll see how the creativity flows and appreciate it when the gaming's good. If not, well ... let's not go there, shall we? 

If you've leveled up your character and have grown a little attached to it, you may start telling a story of your own, creating your world within the Dungeon & Dragons world. While some stories are unique, many backstories have an ounce of tragedy to them. Tell us about your gaming style and we'll tell you your backstory.

When it comes to character creation, motivations and intentions are key. What drives yours?

Did the event that led to your character's tragedy happen suddenly?

Roll initiative! What weapon would you use in combat?

After a day of adventuring, your party needs a much-needed rest. What shift would you offer to watch?

Dungeons & Dragons has a series of different races from which to choose. What race is your hero?

You decide to turn your tragedy into something positive by learning a new skill. Which of these abilities would your character learn?

If you designed your character for someone else to play, would a first time player be able to use it?

You're constantly rolling critical fails during your gaming session. What do you do?

How long have you been a dungeon crawler?

In real life, would you want a bag of holding to stash your stuff?

If you were to play a spell caster, which school of magic would you follow?

After failing a perception check, you have to report a baddie who isn't there. How do you play it?

When you're back in the real world, do you ever daydream about the next adventure your character will have?

For many players, being an evil character is a struggle. Do you think you could handle it?

During one session, your DM goes into detail about an event that makes you feel uncomfortable. How do you handle it?

Death is something all players have to encounter in Dungeons & Dragons. With that being said, how attached are you to your character?

You catch one of your party members stealing something from a church. What do you do?

Grab your bedroll; it's time to hit the road. What method of transportation do you use?

You're low on funds and you and your party have found an inn to rest. How do you get enough money for a room?

Many players have their characters pay tribute to their god of choice. Which deity does your character follow?

A common pet peeve is that players table talk (talk about out of campaign issues). Are you guilty of doing this?

If you want to design a character with depth, adding flaws is a must. Which of these flaws would you choose for your character?

Time to get ready for a day of adventuring! What's the first thing you do for the day?

Just like any other game, Dungeons & Dragons can be a little pricey. How much have you spent on your hobby?

Have you ever participated in a LARP (Live Action Role Playing session)?

You're in the middle of a game and are trying to plan a strategy. You come up with a brilliant idea and when it comes to execution, the DM shuts you down. How do you react?

Do you find it easy to speak in the voice of your character?

Pizza, chips or cookies? What's your gaming munchie of choice?

Between sessions, do you take advantage of downtime actions?

You stop at an inn to question some villagers about a recent goblin invasion. Who do you go to first?

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