Can We Guess the Three Wishes You'd Make if You Had a Genie in a Bottle?

By Tori Highley on February 07, 2018

About This Quiz

How many times have you wished upon a star? Or made plans for when you win the lottery? We all wish magic existed that could bring us what we truly desire. Even though magic isn't real, wishes have a significant impact on our lives.  Even though wishes can't come true with the help of magic, they are the seeds of our dreams and goals. Wishes show us what we want in life, and they become the jumping off point for achieving our goals. 

Making your dreams come true can mean a lot of work. But once you know what you want, your soul becomes restless to make the journey and take the steps. Don't be afraid to make wishes, as you are fully capable of making your dreams come true!

Whether you wish for your dream house or a simple chocolate cake, the things you wish for are those that would soothe your heart and soul. Whether or not you believe in magic, this quiz will help you find what you truly desire. See if we can guess the three wishes you would ask a genie to grant! 

 Can we guess what you dream of when you wish on a shooting star? 

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