Can We Guess the Fast Food Restaurant That Best Reflects Your Personality?

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We love fast food. Not only is it an easy dinner solution, but it also becomes something that we crave. Sometimes, you just have to have the greasy cheeseburger and fries. Other times, you need to have your fourth meal. 

Fast food restaurants really started taking off in the 1950s when McDonald's started appealing to busy parents who wanted a break from cooking and cleaning. Eventually, fast food became a part of a weekly meal plan for many American families. Soon, fast food branched out. It was no longer only about burgers and fries. Creative minds found ways to make nearly everything fast. From tacos to fried chicken, the fast food industry has exploded. Most of today's franchises have been around for decades, due to their convenience, not necessarily their flavors... That's not to say some of their flavors and creative dishes haven't won our hearts.

Each fast food franchise has taken on its own personality traits with the use of marketing, customer service and food quality. Those personality traits can be directly associated with yours. Yes, a fast food restaurant can mirror who you are. Don't believe us? Answer these questions, and we'll guess which fast food restaurant best reflects your personality.

At work, someone asks you to change your routine. What is your response?

Have you ever written a song about yourself?

Have you ever had a big role in a movie?

Which one of these ingredients best fits your personality?

Which clique are you most likely to be in?

What do you do with your money?

How many hours of TV do you watch in a week?

How many books have you read this month?

If your friend asks you to hang out but you already have plans, what do you do?

Which food are you LEAST likely to eat?

What are your thoughts on chicken fries?

What do you prefer to do on the weekends?

There's a party at your place. How many people are there?

Lettuce or no lettuce on your burger?

Would you consider yourself a cheesy person?

Which adjective best describes you?

Which flavor profile do you like the most?

How often do you really smile?

Are you dating?

How would your best friend describe you?

If you were an onion, how many layers would you have?

What kind of pickle are you?

When you cook, do you ever experiment with flavor profiles?

Are you an indecisive person?

Which would you rather be doing?

How often do you rearrange the furniture in your home/bedroom?

How would your friends describe your social life?

How often do you attend large social events?

What is the slogan that best fits your personality?

What would your personality's mascot be like?

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