Can We Guess How Old You Were When You Lost Your Virginity?

By Zoe Samuel on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Virginity is a delicate subject. There is some variability about what constitutes an act that relieves on of their virginity. For purposes of this quiz, we're going to define it as any sexual contact beyond kissing and petting. There are people who, for whatever reason, define it so narrowly they can claim to be virgins basically for life, and that's silly.

It's not always clear at first glance when someone lost their virginity. There are some very cool, desirable people who waited a long time, and there are some very louche folks who got going with sexual intercourse at a young age. People choose to have sex, or not have sex for many reasons. Some are swayed by religious arguments about the specialness of sex, or the threat of divine punishment for having it out of wedlock.

Other people are scared into celibacy by the threat of STDs, or the inability to walk into a CVS and buy a pack of condoms without turning bright red. The teenage worry about buying condoms has scared some kids into celibacy, and others into pregnancy.

Do you mind if we plumb the most private depths of your past to uncover when you lost your virginity? We'll keep it light, but we're positive we'll get it accurate.

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