Can We Guess How Long You've Been in Your Current Relationship?

By: Zoe Samuel
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It's a great thing to find a partner to share your life with, but if you've been with them for a while, you'll undoubtedly see your knowledge of their needs and habits is stronger than those just starting a relationship. Let's guess your relationship's age!

You are getting your partner an apple. Do you cut it up?

Do you know how your partner takes their tea?

Could you reliably order something for them in a restaurant?

They had a bad day. How do you handle it?

Can you do an impression of your partner saying the thing that really annoys you?

Do you know their freakiest fantasy?

Do you know their most unobtainable ambition?

Have you met their family?

Have you met their friends?

Do you know the name of their childhood dog?

Would you let them drive while you were asleep?

If you accidentally got blackout drunk around them, do you know you'll be fine?

Have you seen each other at your worst?

Last time you were sick, were they there?

When was the last time they got you a completely tone-deaf gift?

How many nicknames do you have for each other?

Can you sit together in total silence and just feel at peace?

Do you encourage them to spend time with other people?

How many private jokes do you have?

Do people find the two of you positively sickening?

Can you picture yourselves together when you are old and grey?

What rough time have you seen each other through, professionally?

What is a way you trust them?

Do you get a jitter in your stomach when you hear their ring tone?

Do you need to be apart from them sometimes?

How annoying are they?

Have you ever had a big fight?

Are your fights generally very respectful and productive?

Do you share the same values on religion?

Do you feel the same way about having children together?

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