Can We Guess How Emo You Were in High School?

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Welcome to the Black Parade! If you're a fan of all things emo, you'd definitely recognize this song by one of the greatest emo bands ever, My Chemical Romance. From the music to the fashion, can we guess how emo you were in high school?

Emo wasn't just a trend. It was a lifestyle. The trend originally came from the music genre. While you might not even know where the term comes from, emo is a shortened version of emotive or emotional hardcore. Green Day, which formed in 1986, is often credited with being one of the first emo bands, but the genre wouldn't boom until the early 2000s. After Green Day, bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco were joining the emo genre. Along with the music came the fashion.

When it comes to emo fashion, it is very distinctive! Black was a major part of the wardrobe and an outfit couldn't be completed without a pair of black Converse. Heavy eyeliner was all the rage and if you didn't have a choppy haircut filled with tons of layers, could you even claim to be emo?

How were you living out your high school life? Were you writing on your Chuck Taylors? Did you have to go to Hot Topic to find the perfect outfit for Warped Tour?

Answer these questions about your high school years, and we'll guess how emo you were!

Sugar, we're not going down with this quiz!

Which band did you like the most?

What kind of shoes did you wear most in high school?

What did you write about in your LiveJournal?

Have you ever squeezed yourself into some skinny jeans?

Did you add any color to your hair in high school?

What kind of belt did you wear in high school?

What did you parents think of the music you listened to in high school?

Did you have a subscription to Kerrang?

What was your favorite thing to buy at Hot Topic?

Where did you and your friends hang out after school?

What class was your favorite?

How many times did you attend the Warped Tour?

Where did you used to write lyrics in Sharpie?

How many star tattoos did you get?

Do you remember who took your MySpace profile picture?

What color Manic Panic was the best?

Have you ever worn a tutu?

Which character from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" are you most like?

Which side did you sweep your bangs to in high school?

How much did it annoy your to be called goth?

Which popular Emo film did you like most?

How many posters did you have on your walls?

What kind of weather do you like most?

How many band T-shirts did you own?

Did you have any piercings in high school?

How do you remember feeling most in high school?

Which Fall Out Boy song do you like most?

If you were born in a different time, what high school stereotype would you have fallen under?

How long did you like your sleeves in high school?

How did you feel about being called Emo?

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