Cadillac or Lincoln: Only 1 in 19 People Can Identify The Makes of These Vehicles. Can You?

By Olivia C. on August 01, 2018

About This Quiz

The American culture -- as well as the American popular culture -- has had a longstanding relationship with beautifully manufactured cars. Whether they are convertibles or long-tailed or customized to fit the personality of the driver, these classic cars won't go away -- even if they age.

And speaking of aging, there are two classic brands that have contributed to the colorful car culture of the USA. There is the Cadillac, and there is the Lincoln. Cadillac is a known division of the General Motors company, and is a proudly American-made brand. Meanwhile, the Lincoln Motor Company is the one that manufactures Lincoln cars. Obviously American-made, this line and company is named after US President Abraham Lincoln.

Both Lincoln and Cadillac started out in the car manufacturing business with the emphasis on making luxury cars. Both companies have had their hits and misses, coming from the heels of other legendary car companies in automotive history. Yet today, the two companies -- and their respective brands and models -- continue to be popular in the country and in the world.

Regardless if the models are of the classic vintage lines or the newer type ones, do you think you can challenge yourself and identify which one is the Cadillac and which one is the Lincoln in our quiz? Jump to question number one and drive on!

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