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Burn Notice is an action-packed TV series created by Matt Nix. With no cash and no prior work history, Michael Westen uses his unique skills to find out who has burned him and why.

Who is the main character of Burn Notice who got ‘burned’ right in the middle of a dangerous mission?

Michael Westen. This character is played by actor, Jeffrey Donovan. He is known as Robert F. Kennedy on Clint Eastwood's ‘J. Edgar’ and starred with Angela Jolie on ‘Changeling’.

The show is mostly filmed in and around what location?

Burn Notice has a permanent set built in the former Coconut Grove Convention Center in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood.

Burn Notice originally aired on what network?

Burn Notice originally aired on the USA Network.

What is Michael’s favorite food?

Michael loves eating blueberry yogurt.

Which actress plays Michael’s trigger-happy ‘ex-girlfriend’, Fiona Glenanne?

This character is played by actress Gabrielle Anwar. She is known for dancing the tango with Al Pacino in ‘Scent of a Woman’.

Fiona is a former operative of what agency?

She used to be an IRA operative.

What season did Michael and Fiona move in together?

These two characters decide to move in together at the start of Season 5.

Who assumes the alias ‘Charles (or Chuck) Finley’? He is a former Navy Seal.

Sam Axe uses this alias. He is a semi-retired covert operative and an old buddy of Michael Westen.

Which actor plays the character Sam Axe?

Bruce Campbell plays Sam Axe in the show.

What is the nickname of Michael’s mother?

Maddie is short for Madeline Westen. This character is played by actress Sharon Gless.

To get away from his father, Michael enlisted in the United States Army at what age?

With nothing but $50 and a change of clothes, Michael enlisted in the army at the age of 17.

Who is often seen wearing Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts in the show?

Sam Axe loves wearing Tommy Bahama shirts and flashy jewelry.

By how many years did Michael miss his father’s funeral?

Michael missed the funeral "by eight years."

Where do you see Michael in the opening scene of Season 1?

Michael is seen standing at the market. He is waiting for the men of the Russian drug lord to pick him up.

Where is Michael when he receives his ‘burn notice?'

Michael is in Warri Grand Hotel, Nigeria with a Russian drug lord named Boris.

Who did Michael call twice right after receiving his burn notice? When he refuses to answer his call, Michael sends him a pipe bomb but with no explosives in it.

Dan Segal calls Michael back after receiving the pipe bomb in Season 1, Episode 1.

Michael’s loft is located above what nightclub?

For $200/month, Michael rents an empty storage loft above a nightclub called ‘The Warehouse’. His landlord is a Russian named Oleg.

In the last episode of Season 1, Michael rescues Sam from what type of smugglers?

Michael rescues Sam from a notorious heroine smuggler named Harrick.

In what season did Michael’s mother die?

Madeline dies in the last episode of Season 7. She purposely sets off a bomb to prevent James Kendrick's men from getting to Jesse and Michael’s nephew, Charlie.

Who wrote the Michael's burn notice and is shot by a sniper?

Phillip Cowan. This character is played by Richard Schiff.

How did Carla Baxter die in Season 2?

Carla is shot in the chest by Fiona before she can blow up Victor’s houseboat. She dies instantly.

After killing Victor Stecker-Epps and telling “Management” (John Mahoney) that he wants out, Michael jumps from this and into the ocean:

He jumps from a helicopter and tells the “Management” that he’ll take his chances.

In what country did Fiona and Michael first meet each other?

Michael is on a mission in Ireland when he first dated Fiona.

Which actor plays the male antagonist, Anson Fullerton?

Jere Burns plays Anson Fullerton in the show. He is famous for playing Kirk Morris on ‘Dear John’ and Wynn Duffy on ‘Justified’.

What is the occupation of Barry Burkowski?

Burkowski is a money launderer. He is a recurring character in the show and first appeared in the Pilot episode.

Where did Michael meet Akhom to get a copy of his burn notice?

At the grave of Michael’s father. Akhom Thabet is an old friend of Michael and a spy for the Egyptian government.

At the end of Season 4, “Last Stand” episode, two guys in suits brought Michael in front of what government building?

Michael is brought to the Unites States Capitol in Washington DC.

What is the classic car that Michael Westen drives?

Michael drives his old car, 1973 Dodge Charger, up until the Season 4 Finale. Sam Axe drives the Cadillac and Jesse Porter drives the Porsche.

What type of book did Michael and Jesse find in Box 64 that can decode the members of the organization?

It is an old Bible belonging to Simon Escher.

What is the name of Michael’s younger brother?

His brother’s name is Nate Westen. He is killed by a sniper in Season 6. This character is played by actor, Seth Peterson.

In Season 5, Episode 13: Who said, “Don’t do it for me Mikey, do it for love?”

Anson Fullerton. He wants Michael to find a computer hacker named Oswald in exchange for Fiona’s life.

The computer hacker, Oswald Patterson, lives in what country?

Patterson lives in Puerto Rico.

In the Season 5 Finale, “Fail Safe”, what did Michael do to prevent Fiona from going with him to complete the Reed operation?

Michael handcuffs Fiona to the cage so that she cannot go anywhere.

Where did Michael kill Sonya before she can shoot Fiona?

Sonya is shot by Michael at the rooftop of a building.

In the “Brothers in Arms” episode in Season 7, Michael needs help to free a prisoner trapped in what country?

Michael helps a woman named Sonya escape Cuba.

Which famous Hollywood actor guest stars as retired CIA operative, Paul Anderson?

Burt Reynolds portrayed Anderson in Season 4, “Past and Future Tense” episode. Ray Wise is ‘The Rich Guy’ (Mr. Pyne) in Season 1.

How did Michael and Fiona escape the big C4 explosion in the Season 7 finale?

Michael shoots a glass window and they both jump into the water

Who said the last line in the last episode of Burn Notice, “My name is Michael Weston. I used to be a spy.”

While Charlie Westen is nestled up in his lap, Michael asks Fiona what he will tell his 3-year old nephew when everything is over. Fiona says to start with this line.

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