Build Your Own Monster Truck and We'll Guess Which '80s Wrestler You Are

Steven Miller

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Every detail that goes into your monster truck is sure to tell us a lot about you. From that information, we'll be able to pair you up with one of the iconic men of wrestling in the '80s. While all of them were excellent at faking devastating moves, each had their personality when it came time to talk with Mean Gene.

If your vehicle is the biggest in the competition and you prefer to go with a simple, all-black look, perhaps Andre the Giant is your match. If you're all about having the biggest tires and not tooting your own horn too much, then it seems like a great fit.

On the other hand, maybe you're all about as much flair and pizzazz as you can muster. If you're going to be projecting a very macho image, then Randy Savage is looking promising. If a purple and yellow color scheme and a "Pomp and Circumstance" entrance song are also appealing to you, then it's a done deal.

Perhaps you prefer to keep things simple and go with an American flag theme. If you're planning to use plenty of two-by-fours in the construction of your ride, then Hacksaw Jim Duggan seems like the right choice.

The bell just rang to start the match. Whatcha gonna do, brother?

Are you going to be building your monster truck for speed or freestyle abilities?

How big is your rig going to be?

Which classic monster truck will your rig most be like?

Will you fly an American flag on your monster truck?

Which description would best fit your overall style?

How comfortable will you be doing interviews with Mean Gene?

Will you have exterior speakers to blast your music?

How loud will your horns be?

Which make will your vehicle be?

Of the following, which song would you rather come out to?

Which color scheme would you rather go with for your rig?

How popular do you think you'd be with the crowd?

Would you be considered the good guy or the bad guy?

Which quote would best fit your monster truck?

Which word best describes your ride?

Are you going to have a lot of graphics on the side of your monster truck?

In the arena, would you consider yourself to be the favorite or the underdog?

Will you add some special hydraulics to your ride?

What size tires are you going with?

How big of an engine are you putting in that thing?

Which venue would you rather drive your monster truck in?

Are you going to try any innovative stuff in your rig?

How much modern technology will be on board?

Will there be any two-by-fours used in the construction of your monster truck?

How much safety equipment will you have on board?

Which classic monster truck would have been your biggest rival?

If you could do a crossover promotion with any current WWE wrestler, who would you choose?

Which wrestling move best matches your monster truck's style?

Which '80s fad best fits you?

Which '80s hairstyle goes the best with your monster truck?

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