Build Your Own Candy Shop and We'll Guess What Doughnut You Are

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So here's the thing: we've got this empty and abandoned candy shop that no one else wants, but we heard that you're interested in sprucing one up! We'll provide you with all the tools, candy and decorations that you need, and all you have to do is use that big imagination of yours to build the candy world of your dreams!

While your candy shop doesn't have to sell doughnuts, there is a connection between these delectable treats and your inner personality. (And if you need a hint, both of these are pretty sweet in nature!) But before we explore what some of your best traits are, let's talk more about how you're going to design your epic candy shop. It's important to think beyond the candy because owning a candy store is no easy task! You'll have to think about the location, how many employees you'll need, what the floor will look like and what the overall theme will be. Some candy shops have an underwater appearance to them while others are more modern and stylish. And most importantly, remember that there are no right or wrong ways to build a candy shop, so use your inner creativity to bring Candy Land to life!

Before you build your own candy shop, you have to decide what fun color you're going to paint the walls! Which of these would it be?

Will you be offering any free samples in your candy shop or is this just a waste of precious candy?

Imagine the size of your beautiful candy shop. Will it be very large and grand or more small and cozy?

Think about profit versus leisure for a moment. Would you want your candy shop to be open on holidays or would you want to spend that time for yourself?

You can only pick one of these tasty lollipops for your candy store to sell, so choose carefully! Which one is it?

You can't have a candy shop without a catchy name, right? What will the townspeople call your store?

Fudge is a tasty dessert that is quite rich in flavor and chewy in texture. What flavor of fudge will your candy store sell?

Thursdays are jelly bean days at your candy shop, which means that customers can receive a free small bag of which of these flavored jelly beans?

We're going to add an ice cream parlor to your candy shop! There will be all kinds of flavors for customers to choose from, but which one will not be included in your store?

Will your candy shop offer any mints for sale or do these "candies" deserve a place in an outdoor trash can?

Some candy stores make their own candy from scratch! Will your store buy candy from other suppliers or does homemade candy sound better?

Kids love balloons, so we're hoping that your candy shop will offer some free balloons for the little ones! Will it, though?

It's time for some cotton candy fun! We're about to whip up a batch of cotton candy for your store, but first, you need to tell us what flavor you want! Which of these sounds best?

The cookie monster has invaded your candy shop! You've just received a fresh batch of cookies to sell, but can you tell us what kind they are?

One of your suppliers is giving you a free barrel of taffy for your store! What type of taffy flavor do you want to sell?

Here's a test for your bravery: Are you willing to sell edible bug candy like chocolate-covered ants, crickets and worms?

Not all candy shops sell just candy! In fact, many of them sell savory treats like popcorn. What kinds of savory foods will your shop sell?

Spicy candies are a popular treat for some brave souls out there! Which of these spicy snacks will you offer to customers?

The world is filled with all sorts of tasty international treats! Which of the following foreign candies will you display towards the front of your shop?

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it's time for you to decorate your candy shop tree with one of these flavored candy canes! Which will you choose?

Oh, no! Your candy shop has been losing some business lately! What are you going to do to lure customers back in?

Apples by themselves can be boring, but your candy shop knows how to jazz this fruit up! What topping will you coat some candy apples in?

You've just received a fresh supply of Peeps, but it wasn't the correct kind you ordered. What kinds of Peeps will you now be selling instead?

Uh, oh! Somebody just stole some candy and ran out the door of your store! What are you going to do about this?

Why just sell candy when you could sell some drinks too! Which of these sweet beverages will you offer with some candy?

Would it be fun to own a candy store or do you think that this is more work than most people realize?

A customer is looking for a particular type of candy that your store has just ran out of. What's your next course of action?

Pop rocks are a fun way to get the flavor party started! What flavor of pop rocks will your candy store be known for?

Some candy shops offer stuffed animals that come with certain types of candies! What kinds of plush toys will your store offer?

You can't have a sweet tooth without munching on some tasty gummy candies! Which of the following will your candy shop sell?

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