Build Your Dream Wedding Registry and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status!

By Khadija Leon on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Whether you've been dreaming of building a registry since you were small or a new relationship has you looking forward, we're sure we can tell your current relationship status by the things you choose. Will you build a practical and affordable list, or will you aim high and expensive? It's your wedding, and while everyone has an opinion, it's all about you and your boo - so do what comes naturally to you!

You might fill your registry with artwork or with fine china, but do you think it's possible to know about your love life from it? We do, and we can prove it. Sign yourself up for the wedding registry of your dreams and fill your virtual list with the things you need and the things you want most. Judging by your tastes, we'll learn a lot about the way you live your life and about how you see the future. Those simple clues will tell us if you spend more time with your best friend or with your sweetheart!

You can choose to register anywhere you like, but we recommend going for the gold and registering with somewhere fabulous like Harrod's of London! Why not splurge? It's your dream registry quiz!

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