Build Your Dream Husband and We'll Show You Your Future Engagement Ring!

By Khadija Leon on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

A normal part of life is getting our heart broken, moving onto someone new and getting our hearts broken again, until we find the right one. But what if you could skip all the breakup drama and build your dream man? You know, the one you wish would just pop up and sweep you off your feet. And because he's your dream husband, he is guaranteed to get your dream engagement ring. 

So we want you to build the husband of your dreams and in return, we'll show you what your future engagement ring will look like. Will it be a rose gold stunner? A modest ring with three diamonds? Will it have a rock so huge that your hand will hurt from carrying it? Or will it be a classic diamond in an oval cut on a white gold band? 

So tell us about your dream man and tell us everything: his height, complexion, hair color, job and salary, his best personality traits, what his body is like and how old you want him to be (after all, if you want it, you gotta put it out into the universe, right?) and we will show you what you'll be wearing on your left ring finger. 

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