Build an Order From Taco Bell and We'll Guess If You'll Marry a Rich Person

By: Ian Fortey
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When you're single, you often find yourself picturing a potential future in which you're happy and married and living your best life. We all let our minds wander now and then to consider the kind of person we might end up with; what they might look like and what kind of person they'll be. And while it may not be the most important thing to look for in a partner, whether or not they have money could be part of the fantasy, too. It's a fantasy after all, and if you're just pretending, why not imagine that they're rich?

The problem with just imagining these things is that they're all in the realm of pretend. You need some harder science to determine what your future holds. The kind of hard, crunchy science that can be provided by tacos. Not sure how those relate? Don't worry, it's a little hard to figure out, but it involves things like the way soft tacos and investment portfolios match up. The economics of Taco Bell and relationships is a curious field of study, but trust us when we say that if you build a Taco Bell order, we'll do our best to guess just how rich you're going to marry!

You're on a deserted island, and you can only bring one single Taco Bell item with you. It's the last one you'll ever eat. Make it count!

If you can't be rich in money, you can be rich in soft tacos. How many could you eat at once?

Taco Bell's big seller is the soft taco. They're great and all, but what other kind of taco would you like to order?

A quesadilla is pretty delicious no matter who you are. What's the most delicious kind of quesadilla?

If it's first thing in the morning and you're having breakfast, what beverage is helping you kickstart your day?

Eggs aren't the most traditional filling for a taco, but Taco Bell still serves them. What eggy item do you want most?

Breakfast isn't always about eggs. If you're looking for a filling, meaty breakfast meal, what are you ordering?

Potatoes are the best kind of vegetable money can buy, and that's a fact. What's the best potato dish?

Taco Bell has a vast array of vegetables you can add to a taco. If you could just have one, which would you pick?

Maybe Taco Bell doesn't have enough veggies for you. What would you add to your taco if it was an option?

You have four basic options when it comes to filling your Taco Bell taco. Which one is hands down the best of the best?

There are dozens of different styles of tacos that Taco Bell is missing out on. What kind should they add to the menu?

If we're being honest, Taco Bell could add a whole bunch of other tasty dishes to the menu that they haven't yet. What else should they be selling?

Whatever you're eating at Taco Bell needs sauce because the sauce is where it's at. What is the best sauce?

You know another name for money? Cheddar. What cheesy menu item do you like the most?

Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world, so how can you not order it at Taco Bell? Which of these rice dishes would you order?

Taco Bell has a fine selection of specialty items if you're not down for regular tacos or burritos. What's the best one?

When you're traveling abroad, you could hit up some international Taco Bells and order some more exotic fare. What sounds best?

If you're a chicken fan, you have a plethora of options. Which of these is the best one?

You're going to want a nice, frosty beverage when you're enjoying your tacos. What kind of Freeze would you like?

How many tortillas is too many tortillas? Probably three. So which item that's made with two tortillas would you choose?

Mild food is fine sometimes, but you need the spice in your life! Which of these is your spicy favorite?

Are you a steak fan? Then you should pick your steak-filled favorite. Which of these would it be?

Pour out a drink for the Taco Bell items we've lost over the years. Which one of them do you wish you could bring back?

You deserve a sweet treat for dessert. Which of these would it be?

A taco usually comes with just meat, lettuce, and cheese. What extras would you add to yours?

Just because you're hoping to marry rich doesn't mean you can't eat cheap. What would you pick from the Dollar Cravings menu.

Chips and dip are always a good snack. What's your dip of choice?

You could just eat some tacos, but don't you want some sides? Which one would you pick?

Sometimes the only thing that will hit the spot is a burrito. What's the best kind of burrito?

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