Build An All-Black Outfit And We'll Give You A Goth Name

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The term "Goth" comes from the gothic tradition, which has its roots in old words that refer to Germanic or Teutonic peoples (that is, Visigoths). It also refers to a type of novel - gothic - that is usually a tome of horror set in a realm full of demons, or at the very least a scary mansion or some such. In architecture, it means pointed and arched windows, flying buttresses and small panes of glass that slightly distort whatever is on the other side. 

However, when it comes to people, Goth used to mean being barbarous and outside of civilization. It meant someone who has forsaken the niceties of things like laws and not enslaving everyone they come across just for fun - someone who might raid a village or pillage a town. 

While it has now lost the more extreme connotations, the term has maintained the sense of a person who walks outside the conventions of society. They don't care what so-called "normies" think and they're not interested in amassing meaningless consumerist markers of supposed "success" like being conventionally pretty, having a monogamous marriage, owning a home or putting money into a 401(k). They dwell on dark subjects that make the mainstream uncomfortable, like death and torture, and they read Edgar Allan Poe like he's going out of style. Most of all, they dress for the role of truth-telling, conformity-busting party-pooper, in all black. So tell us what your Goth costume involves and we'll help you select the most Goth name you can possibly imagine!

Let's start with the basics. Underwear. What have you got on?

What socks have you got on?

What are your every day shoes?

What is your go-to fancy clothes?

What coat do you wear in the winter?

What coat do you wear the rest of the time?

What shirt do you wear in the winter?

What shirt do you wear in the summer?

Do you wear a layer between your coat and your shirt, in the winter? If so, what is it?

What piece of facial jewelry do you want?

What jewelry do you wear on your hands?

What is your piece of statement jewelry?

What words or images are on your favorite shirt?

Pick a piece of technology to add to your outfit. What is it?

What symbol will you have either tattooed or as a patch on your clothes?

What kind of glasses will you wear?

What gloves do you want?

What is your jacket made of?

What are your trousers made of?

What kind of trousers do you want?

What kind of jacket do you want?

What kind of bag do you carry?

What do you wear on your head/in your hair?

What arm bracer do you want?

What kind of wallet do you carry?

What timepiece do you want?

What are your dress shoes?

What temporary tattoo do you have on your arm?

Do you wear a layer between your coat and your shirt, in the summer? If so, what is it?

What optional outfit item do you want to wear?

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