Build an All-Black Outfit and We'll Guess Your Favorite Color!

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Dim the lights and put on your favorite pajamas! Let's design an all-black outfit. From your shoes to your hat, choose all-black items that speak to you the most. Once we see how you put things together, we'll be able to guess your favorite color. No matter how much your outfit may conceal, it will reveal something about you.

Black is what you get when you mix all the colors together. Indeed, it's entirely possible to wear all black the majority of the time and still have another favorite color. By seeing how you view all-black fashion and seeing the kinds of all-black clothing you choose, we'll be able to get a good feel for your personality. From there, we'll associate your traits to the color meanings you most correspond with. Then, it's a matter of double checking to make sure we haven't missed the most delicate of all-black details. Do you think we'll get it right or will you throw us for a loop? 

Channel your inner love for color as you build the outfit of your dreams from all-black items! You might have to choose some things you haven't considered wearing before, but you might also learn a thing or two. Let's go dark and get colorful!

What kind of black boots are you more likely to wear?

Which black hat would you use to top off what you are currently wearing?

Would you ever wear black skinny jeans?

Where are you most likely to shop for all-black clothing?

Which black hair accessory would you wear?

Do you prefer black tank tops or black t-shirts?

Would you ever wear black lipstick?

Do you own a little black dress?

How would wearing all-black make you feel?

Would you wear black skorts?

Which celebrity wears all-black the best?

Would you wear any onyx jewelry with your all-black outfit?

Which band's t-shirt might show up in your outfit?

Would you wear black shoelaces?

What kind of black socks would you wear with your all-black outfit?

Which kind of black do you like most?

Would you jazz up your all-black outfit with another color?

Which word do you associate someone wearing an all-black outfit with?

Would you wear a black sweater with your all-black outfit?

How often do you wear black eyeliner?

Do you have any all-black tattoos?

Do you like the goth style of dressing?

What kind of black shoes do you prefer?

How many black skirts do you own?

Do you own any black pajamas?

Who would help you put together an all-black outfit?

How would your coworkers react to your all-black outfit?

What kind of sleeves do you prefer on a black shirt?

What kind of belt would you wear with an all-black outfit?

Where would you most like to wear your all-black outfit?

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