Build a Salad and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are

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is it ever a bad time for a salad? The answer is no. Few foods can ever hope to be as diverse as a salad. Maybe 30 years ago a salad was some iceberg lettuce and a few wedges of tomato and it wasn't super appealing to everyone but, as a people, our salad game has evolved. You can easily make a very filling and, if we're being honest, terribly unhealthy meal out of a salad these days. Cheese, fried chicken, steak, tortilla strips, seeds, nuts and berries all have a home in salads. A big tasty chunk of avocado and salty, crisp pieces of bacon. Dressing that can range from a simple splash of balsamic vinegar to a rich and delightful Green Goddess or some creamy bacon ranch. There's a lot more going on in a salad bowl than there used to be.

Since salad is so diverse these days, it's no surprise that building one takes some effort. You need to put your heart and soul into a proper salad or else you'll get wilted lettuce and some shreds of carrot. You need to express your true inner self. Bust out your inner Disney Princess, in fact. The two are more closely linked than you could imagine. Think we can guess which Disney Princess you are based on nothing more than your salad choices? Take the quiz and see!

Let's establish what type of salad you even like right off the bat. Is this a lettucey sort of salad?

It doesn't have to be a leafy salad. Is there another kind of veggie base you like?

A salad could just be that one veggie, but who wants that? What's an indispensable veggie to go in any salad?

Now suppose you wanted something a little more filling in your salad. What else are you dropping in?

Fruit can add a really nice accent in a salad. Ever add any?

It was a brilliant human being who first added cheese to a salad. What kind do you like in yours?

Are you a fan of adding any kind of protein to a salad?

What's going in your salad if you're looking to add a little robust redness?

Let's say you wanted a bit of something purple in the salad, then what?

Let's keep going through the rainbow here. What do you want in a salad that's yellow?

Orange may be the most delicious of all colors. What are you adding in that hue?

Let's fade out the color a little bit. Would you add anything white to the mix?

Texture time! What do you want in your salad that's juicy?

If your salad needs some crunch, what are you tossing in?

This may seem a little weird, but what's the best receptacle for a salad?

Obviously, you can't just have a plain salad, you need to dress it. What general style of dressing do you like?

Sometimes it's easier to just pick an old standby rather than build your own. What's your favorite classic salad?

Of all the cream-style dressings out there, which one do you like the most?

If you're in the market for a dressing with a little bit of a zip to it, what might you pick?

Let's head to the world of beans for a sec. What's the best bean to make a salad out of?

Some salads are decidedly not healthy. Which kind of unhealthy salad do you crave?

Don't ask why, but we make sandwiches out of things we call salad that just ain't salad. Nonetheless, which one do you like the most?

Fruit salad time! What's the one fruit that has to be there?

What are your thoughts on ambrosia salad?

Side salad or full meal salad?

Time to get nutty. Pick a nut for your salad.

Not to be overly negative, but what's the one thing you absolutely hate on a salad?

The age-old question: chopped salad or tossed salad?

Are you sparse with the salad dressing or do you drown that thing?

Ever looked at how many calories are in fast food salads? Some are over 1,000 with a ton of sugar.

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