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The 1961 film, "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," made certain marks in global pop culture due to its iconic star, the glamorous -- but funny -- Audrey Hepburn. Think you could walk down memory lane by recalling details of the film? Take this quiz to find out!

The story of "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" takes place in this vibrant city that never sleeps. Which US city is this?

"Breakfast at Tiffany’s" takes place in New York City, the city that never sleeps. And since it doesn’t, the title — and story — reveal that some of its inhabitants don’t either!


The title of the film refers to a real-life store in New York named Tiffany and Co. What does the store mainly sell?

Tiffany and Co. is a real-life jewelry store in New York. It’s located in downtown Manhattan, along Fifth Avenue.


Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of the film’s main character, _______ Golightly, is considered her most identifiable role ever. What is her character’s first name?

Holly Golightly is the role most identified with Audrey Hepburn. This iconic character’s look has been imitated in fashion pictorials globally.


Aside from her very, very long cigarette filter-holder, the dress Audrey Hepburn wears at the beginning is considered one of the more iconic props from this film. What color is this dress?

Audrey Hepburn’s signature black dress in the film’s iconic opening scene has also been mimicked the world over. It was made by Givenchy.


This song composed by Henry Mancini is identified as "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" theme song. What is its title?

"Moon River" was written by Henry Mancini for this film. It was composed in such a way that Audrey Hepburn could easily carry the tune, since she’s not that great of a singer in real life.


In one scene, Holly Golightly is seen playing the guitar, while she sings "Moon River." Where does this scene take place?

It’s not a New York-set film if there’s no scene that takes place in a brownstone apartment fire escape. Holly, sitting on her huge picture window sill, plays "Moon River" while on the fire escape.


One of Holly Golightly’s quirky life details involves owning a cat without a proper name. So what does she call her pet, then?

Holly apparently owns a cat without a name. So she calls the pet “Cat” to have a name. Simple enough!


Even if she’s not so good at taking care of herself, Holly seems to be good at caring for Cat. What does she prepare daily for Cat’s food?

In true Americana fashion, a bottle of fresh milk is delivered to Holly’s doorstep every morning. She uses it to feed Cat, and also drinks from it as well.


Holly meets Paul Varjak accidentally one day, as he buzzed her apartment and also asked to use her phone. Which A-Team actor starred as Paul?

George Peppard plays the dapper stranger who literally knocks — or rings — on Holly’s door one day. He played meek and mild-mannered film roles before being known as the A-Team leader of 1980s TV.


Like a true-blue New Yorker, Holly demonstrates that she could hail a cab in a very New York style. What style is this?

New Yorkers are often stereotyped to whistle while they hail a cab. Holly certainly had this down pat!


As they become friends, Holly discovers that Paul Varjak’s actual artistic profession is this.

Paul turns out to be a writer. He introduces himself as one to Holly.


When Paul Varjak is not busy writing, Holly observes that he’s busy being paid by an older lady for his “services” in bed. Technically, what is this kind of person called by society?

It was clear to Holly that Paul is some kind of male prostitute. She even asked if he gets paid by the hour or by the day, which offends him at first.


Paul’s lover, however, tried to elevate his “male prostitute” status by housing him in an apartment for which she’s paying. For this move, what is he called now?

Paul doesn’t seem to mind being a kept man by his financier-lover. She seems to be enamored of his presence, too. So whatever works!


In the beginning, Paul tried to hide his kept man status from Holly by introducing his lover in a different way. How did he introduce her?

Paul’s lover was introduced to Holly as his decorator. The elderly lady was sport about it, and played with it. But Holly knows better, of course...


To complicate Paul’s kept man matters, it is revealed that his female benefactor, Emily Eustace Failenson, already has one of these.

Mrs. Failenson apparently is a married woman already. But it seems that she could juggle her life with the husband and the lover at the same time.


Meanwhile, Holly doesn’t seem to have a steady job, but she always has dates and high-end parties to attend or throw. What is this kind of person called?

Holly is always seen trying to get away from a seemingly rich date the previous day. That, or she always parties hard with high society, which makes her a New York socialite.


Hey, it’s the 60s, so Paul uses this kind of contraption to write his short stories.

The choice equipment for writers during the 1960s — or perhaps when the contraption was first invented — was the typewriter. It’s old school but it works well!


In order for Paul’s typewriter to work, Holly noticed that it should have one of these.

A manual typewriter runs with a ribbon of ink inside of it. So it’s perfectly committal and final when writers type that word or sentence directly on paper.


One of the more controversial characterizations of this film involved the portrayal of Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi. What is Mr. Yunioshi's nationality?

Mickey Rooney was tapped to play the comic role of Mr. Yunioshi. His portrayal is over-the-top, which could make for good slapstick comedy or be open for race-based criticism.


What is Mr. Yunioshi’s relationship with Holly Golightly?

Mr. Yunioshi is always bothered by a bumbling Holly, who always forgets the keys to her apartment. This forms a not-so-good impression on her landlord.


One of Holly’s sources of income is visiting a guy named Sally Tomato weekly to deliver “the weather report." She is paid $100 to do this. In what kind of institution does Holly visit Sally Tomato?

Holly visits Sing Sing Prison every week to converse with a mob guy named Sally Tomato. To her, it’s an innocent activity, but Paul highly doubts that.


At the party she throws in her own apartment, a guest is discussing Holly’s personality with Paul, wondering “is she or isn’t she?” What kind of personality is this guest speculating about a socialite like Holly?

Socialites are always subjected to criticisms of shallowness since they party all the time. Holly is also criticized this way, with people trying to figure out if she’s a phony or not. But she couldn’t care less anyway.


In her own apartment party, Holly’s sexy and tall model friend appeared drunk. As the inebriated woman was about to fall and pass out, Holly shouted this funny logger word. What was it?

Holly also has a love-hate relationship with her friends. When her inebriated model friend was about to pass out, she shouted “Timber!” to warn people around her. Funny gal!


Holly doesn’t call Paul by his name, though. She calls him “Fred,” the name of her relative who looks like Paul. Who is Fred in Holly’s life?

The quirky Holly can get away with calling someone by another name. She refers to Paul as Fred, her brother, because she said they look alike. Paul is sport about it, though.


Holly revealed to Paul that her beloved brother, Fred, is away in this kind of service for the country. Where is Fred?

Holly is trying to earn some money for when Fred gets out of the army, so they can start a better life. Sadly, it is revealed later that Fred dies in service, to Holly’s dismay.


Paul won’t be a true writer if he hasn’t published one of these.

Paul turns out to be a published book writer already. His book is entitled "9 Lives 9 Stories," a 1956 anthology of his short stories.


Paul’s lover-benefactor suspected that she was being followed by an investigator upon the instructions of her suspicious husband. But the follower turned out to be a person related to Holly from her past. Who is this man to Holly?

It turns out that Holly is already married to a very old guy named Doc Golightly, and they are from Texas. But they married when she was very young, and she ran away from that life.


Holly Golightly’s husband tells Paul that her real name is Lulu Mae, and that they already have some of these.

Paul finds out that Holly already has children. But she left them to her ex-husband’s care, from whom she claims she has separated, as their marriage has already been annulled.


Holly’s ex-husband wanted to take her back home, but Holly kindly explained that she’s not the same person anymore. This is in line with Holly’s belief that "People don’t ____ to people."

“People don’t belong to people,” so declared Holly to Paul. This is the reason why she rebelled against her own marriage, and her subsequent suitors who wanted to possess her.


Aside from securing her present, Holly seems to be hell-bent on securing her future as well. How does a jobless socialite like her plan to do that?

"I need money and I'll do whatever I can to get it,” so declared Holly. That primarily meant looking for the most eligible bachelor on the “richest men under 50" list. Good goal, girl!


On a whimsical day, Paul and Holly visited Tiffany and Co. to hopefully score something under $10. But all they could afford with that price is this...

While they were both trying to do things they hadn’t done before, Paul and Holly bonded and went to Tiffany and Co. to browse. They ended up having a Crackerjack ring engraved, for fun.


Holly almost snagged an eligible rich bachelor who was visiting New York from South America. From which soccer-crazy country is this tall, tan, young and lovely dude from?

Holly almost snagged influential bachelor, Jose, from Brazil. But when she got implicated in Sally Tomato's prison dealings, their romantic deal went awry. Awww...


And so it is revealed: What's the reason why Holly Golightly doesn’t want to be in love?

Holly dismissed Paul’s initial declarations of love to her, for the reason that she believes love puts people inside a cage. But Paul dismisses this thought and says the cage she brings with her is of her own making. Ouch!


Did Holly and Paul end up falling in love?

Toward the end, Holly realizes that Paul might indeed be offering honest love. She wears their Crackerjack engraved ring and succumbs to her feelings of love for him, too. All’s well in New York that night!


"Breakfast at Tiffany’s" is based on another work created by legendary American author, Truman Capote. In what form was the film’s story originally written?

"Breakfast at Tiffany’s" was written as a novella by Truman Capote. It was reported that he wanted Marilyn Monroe to portray Holly Golightly if it was turned into a film, but Marilyn turned it down.


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