Bet You Can't Ace Our Classic American Cars Quiz!

By Heather Cahill on April 28, 2018

About This Quiz

The beautiful Chevrolet El Camino, the unforgettable Dodge Charger, and the incredible Ford Fairlane. They all became classics through their impact, popularity, and collectibility. They're the cars you see in movies and television as well as on the local roads and highways. Which classic American car is your favorite?

Can you name a collection of award-winning American cars? Do you know the make of some of the most famous models ever created? Can you name the years of production on a car given its name? If that's too easy, do you think you know how many generations each car had? You'll need to know more than just the names of these iconic cars to ace this quiz!

If you know the name of the car, can you guess the body style that was used for it? Do you know which movie you would get a glimpse of the Plymouth Fury in? Do you know what the other name for a Pontiac Tempest is? Those might be easy, but can you name the car that shares a name with a game? Make sure you know your car history and interesting facts!

If you're a true car fanatic then this will be a breeze. Take the quiz to see how much you know about the cars that shaped America!

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