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If any sci-fi TV show has had the highest number of alien races, the honor likely goes to "Star Trek." Find out more about the "Star Trek" alien races in this quiz!

These aliens are known for their pointed ears, slightly green skin, and scientific minds. Which main Federation alien race are they?

Vulcans are the technological and scientific backbone of Federation. They are sometimes overwhelmed by humans.


Among the war-like races, the Klingons stand tall. What detail about their heads make them so distinct?

Klingons are known for the forehead ridges they have. It may be an evolved protection against blunt objects and weapons.


The conquering Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcans. What is their biggest difference between them and their peaceful mother race?

Romulans are a very aggressive offshoot race of Vulcans. They don't like the peaceful Vulcans one bit.


In the original series, the Horta was a non-human alien that looked like a very large glob of pizza. What was this species' natural ability?

The Horta feed on rocks and minerals. They use acid to break rocks down into food. At the same time, this allows them to tunnel through solid rocks and other minerals.


In "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," the Founders were the big, bad villains of the show. Because of their very flexible abilities, they were called by another name. What was it?

The Founders may look human at first, but they have total control over their bodies. This allows them to change shape into anything they want to look like.


The Ocampans look practically human, with only slight differences in their ears. However, many generations of Ocampans live and die in a human lifetime. What about Ocampans makes this happen?

Ocampans have a lifespan of only about nine years. Almost ten generations of Ocampans will live and die for each generation of humans.


The original "Star Trek" series had a vampire of sorts who didn't take blood from other people. What mineral did it need to absorb from others to survive?

This alien needed salt to survive. It could do this by disguising itself so it could get close to others, and then suck the salt out of bodies. That’s how it became the Salt Vampire.


The Linnik is​, literally, a cute alien race. Like humans, they start out as children. What's the difference, though?

The Linnik physically do not "grow up." This means that even as adults, they look like small children.


The Gorn have evolved from a very different biological line. Instead of mammals, what were their cold-blooded ancestors?

The Gorn are classic science-fiction aliens. They are reptilian-based humanoids who look like they're ready for B-movie stardom.


Tholians are multi-legged, armored aliens who need very high temperatures to survive. Given how they look, what weapon do they use?

Tholian energy webs can stop ships in their tracks. So far, only Tholians have this unique weapon.


The Jem'Hadar was an alien race that was bred for one purpose by the Founders. What were the hard Jem'Hadar supposed to be?

The Jem'Hadar is a warrior race. All their attributes are directed at making them better soldiers.


The Q are god-like beings who tend to fixate on things or people that interest them. Which famous Federation captain became an object of curiosity for The Q?

The Q is the first extremely powerful alien race to be introduced in the "Star Trek: Next Generation" series, where Captain Picard runs things. He was played by Patrick Stewart.


This alien race is known for looking a bit like Klingons, but they aren't as violent. They enslaved Bajorans and were an early villain in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." What was the name of these bony-headed aliens?

Cardassians were probably designed to look like Klingons, but be a different alien race. It does not change the fact that they are a conquering race.


The Borg take the idea of assimilation to the extreme. Think of them as more like a virus than a race. For what "integrated" physical details is this race known?

The Borg probably took their name from "cyborg." It's a term used for people who have replaced body parts with mechanical ones.


In "Star Trek" history, Andorians are supposedly among the first alien races to join the Federation. Aside from the blue skin, what's on top of their heads that makes them different from humans?

Andorians were known to have antennae. These were usually found at or near the top of their heads.


For the Ferengi, this part of their anatomy is sensitive enough that stroking it is very pleasurable. What body part is it?

The Ferengi's ears are very large, covering most of the sides of their heads. The ears are also very sensitive to the touch, and may play a part in their mating rituals.


Orion slave girls have made their mark in "Star Trek." Aside from being sexy and dangerous, what about them makes them easy to spot in a crowd?

Orions have green skin. Given their wardrobe choices, most people won't doubt that Orion women have green skin all over.


Tribble seem harmless enough, but what about these mounds of fur balls makes them trouble for spaceship crews?

Having a few tribbles is not a problem. But once you feed them, they have an explosive growth and birth rate. Be prepared for rooms full of furry balls.


Species 8472 may not sound like much, but they have a mad hate for another alien race that makes them very useful. What part-machine alien race do these biological monsters detest?

Species 8472 is the biological equivalent of the Borg. They are one of the few alien races that stop the machine-like race in its tracks.


In the J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" timeline, Keenser is a Roylan, a small alien who manages to make himself the Groot of the Trek reboot movies. What is this smart and handy alien's specialty as a Federation Officer?

Keenser is a Roylan Federation engineer. Roylans are a small alien race, and not much else is known about them, apart from Keenser's appearances.


Natives of the planet Cheron possess a strange skin mutation. What is it?

Cherons are unusual in that they have two skin colors, black and white. The colors are split vertically, black on one side, white on the other.


El-aurians are one of the alien races who fought against the Borg. One of those long-lived aliens was Guinan, Picard's friend. What was her job aboard the Enterprise in "Star Trek: The Next Generation?"

El-Aurians are known for their very long lifespans. Guinan was a bartender for her entire life.


Betazoids can read minds and sense emotions. Because of this, what was Betazoid Deanna Troi's support job on the Enterprise in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"?

Betazoids can read minds, though the level of ability for each individual varies. Troi worked as the ship's counselor, but she didn't really read their minds much -- just healed them.


Trills are an unusual race, as they can transfer their personality and "soul" from one body to another. How do they do this?

Trills are an alien race made up of two parts. One part is a humanoid person, and the other is a worm-like creature that is transferred or implanted into the humanoid. Both parts merge their personalities to form the actual Trill.


Organians are one of the alien races that were shown in the original TV series. What type of aliens were they?

Organians are energy beings. They sometimes appear as bright balls of light, if they aren’t taking on a human-looking form.


Dr. Phlox, the ship’s doctor under Captain Archer, was an alien Denobulan, a species that had adapted to living in large communities. What sort of biological treatments did he use?

Dr. Phlox had a zoo in his medical bay. He believed in using medical treatments that involved animals or chemicals from the animals' bodies.


Deltans are very sexually attractive to other races. Aside from this ability, what obvious physical trait is normal among Deltans?

Deltans are very smart and attractive. They are known to handle complex math calculations easily in their heads - their bald heads.


Tamarians are a difficult alien race to deal with because their language is hard to understand. What do you have to share with them to start communicating with them?

Tamarian language is based on shared history. In that way, it’s impossible to talk to them, since they describe things by mentioning shared experiences both parties were in.


When Kirk was forced to fight a Gorn, it was because the Metron race wanted to see what would happen. Why were the god-like Metrons surprised by the normally go-getting Kirk?

Metrons are so advanced in development and technology that they consider most other races as savages. Kirk's unexpected act of mercy made them rethink their views on the human race.


Medusans are one of the most civilized and intelligent alien races in the galaxy. However, they have one problem when interacting with other races. What is it?

Medusans are so hideously disturbing to look at that they can drive other races mad. For this reason, they usually go around in sealed metal pods.


Excalbians can change their shape, but their natural form makes them look naturally armored. What do they look like when they are in their natural form?

Excalbians are described as living rock beings. They can change shape to look like humans, but their natural form wouldn't look out of place in a cave or a mountain pass.


Tellarites were one of the first races to form the Federation. Given their beards, tusks, and snout-like noses, what earth animals did they resemble?

Tellarites are stubborn, but good in politics. Of the founding Federation races, they are seen the least in "Star Trek" shows and movies.


Talosians were an alien race that depended on illusions to make their lives bearable. What did they do when they were bored with their own illusions?

Talosians were growing bored with their own illusions. They started kidnapping space travelers to feed their escapist addiction.


Neelix, the ship's cook in the Voyager TV series, was a Talaxian. What special adaptation did this​ alien race have that made them perfect as cooks?

Talaxians had taste buds throughout their mouth and throat areas. This allowed them to have more finesse in preparing and cooking food.


Sphere-builders are unique in that they travel not only in space but in __________ ?

The Sphere-builders made their appearance during Captain Archer's time with the Enterprise. They travel in space and time, trying to influence events in their favor.


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