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Just when he seems too old for the game, a loner baseball player, Roy Hobbs, shows up in the dugout to save the NY Knights from another losing season. His magic bat and determination win over more than the team.

As a boy, Roy Hobbs' father gives him some advice. What is it?

At what position does Roy Hobbs excel as a young ball player?

Which team's pennant is NOT on Hobbs' bedroom wall when he was a boy?

Before a young Hobbs heads to Chicago with dreams of playing baseball, he meets with Iris. What does he tell her?

Who is Sam Simpson?

Who is the well-known ball player character the young Hobbs meets on the train to Chicago and later strikes out at a train stop?

Robert Duvall plays Max Mercy, a sports reporter and cartoonist. For what newspaper does he write?

What does the woman in black (Harriet) ask Hobbs just before she shoots him in the hotel?

What number did Roy Hobbs wear?

When "Pop" Fisher is introduced as the manager of the Knights, what does he say he should have been instead?

What does Pop say when he first meets Hobbs?

For what semi-pro team did Hobbs play before the Knights?

What does Roy Hobbs name his bat?

How many years pass between Hobbs' departure from home as a young man and signing the contract with the Knights?

Superstition is common among ball players. Which one of these is NOT revealed in the film?

Red asks Hobbs where he is from. What is his response?

Who says, "I'd give my right arm to get him the pennant"?

When the Knights continue their losing ways, a speaker is brought in to motivate the team. How does he repeatedly begin each talk?

When Hobbs is ready to be sent down to the minors, what convinces Pop to keep him?

How does Hobbs finally get a permanent position in right field?

Where does Hobbs meet Iris for the first time after he's been with the Knights?

Kim Basinger's character serves as a distraction to Hobbs and she tries to interfere with his winning ways. What was her name?

When Iris meets Hobbs for a second time in Chicago after a game, she invites Roy to her place. What is NOT said during their conversation?

Where is Hobbs when he is sent to a hospital?

Which quote is NOT said in the movie?

How much money does the judge offer to bribe Roy to sit out the game after his hospitalization?

There are many shots in the film that show the ads on the outfield wall of Knights Field. Which one does NOT appear?

What does the Judge use to try to blackmail Hobbs?

In the final game of the movie, what team are the Knights playing and what is at stake?

Hobbs has an opportunity to win the game against Pittsburgh. He hits a home run with the bat boy's bat. What is the bat known as?

Slow motion is used throughout the movie to emphasize a poignant moment. What is the last slow motion scene?

Who composed the music for the movie?

Which actor chose to go uncredited?

What former old-timer ball player served as a consultant and also had a bit part in the movie?

In what city were the ball playing scenes filmed?

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