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The original "Lassie" TV series set the bar for many pet-oriented shows and movies to come. Find out more about this wonderful dog in this classic "Lassie" quiz.

What's the basic idea behind the "Lassie" TV show?

Masters and locations may change, but it’s always about Lassie. The dog is the center of the show.

Was Lassie a girl in the show?

Lassie was a lass, all right. She was a female dog in the series.

We all know that Lassie is a very smart dog. What does Lassie usually do when kids are involved?

Most of the time, the show focuses on Lassie helping people or animals. Children are usually involved one way or another.

The iconic "Lassie" theme used this sound effect, that made it sound like a cowboy theme. What was the sound?

The whistle theme would become the one forever linked with the classic TV series. It wasn't the original theme, but who cared?

Lassie was a collie. What were these intelligent and trainable provincial dogs bred to do?

Collies are originally working farm dogs. They are bred to be all-around helpers for busy farmers.

Timmy, Lassie's most famous owner, was an orphan. Did the show ever say how his parents died?

The TV show never said how Timmy's parents died. He was introduced as an orphan, and that was that.

In the beginning, Lassie kept going back to her old master's house. What did this show about the loyal Lassie?

Lassie still missed her original owner. It's no surprise that she would keep going back to her old house.

Which decade had a "Lassie" show on-air for every year?

The classic TV show started in 1954, and ended in 1973. It was on-air for all those years, especially the '60s.

"Lassie" is one of the long-running shows in early TV. How did the show's producers keep the "boy and his dog" theme running in the first half of the show's run?

In the classic TV show, Lassie was the constant. However, she would go through many masters, as they kept changing the boy characters.

We all know that Timmy is a magnet for trouble. However, did Timmy ever fall into a well in the series?

Funny enough, Timmy has fallen into a lake. He's never fallen into a well, though.

Homer Carey, Lassie's original owner, opens the classic TV series by giving Lassie to someone else. Who was this person?

We never really see Homer Carey in the series. He gave Lassie to Jeff Miller, his neighbor's child.

This American Bandstand master of ceremonies made an appearance in one episode. Who is he?

Dick Clark, in an unlikely role, is cast in the episode called "The Untamed Land." It's an episode about the preservation of nature.

In an early episode entitled "The Gun," Jeff is allowed to fool around with his father's rifle, but his mother isn't happy with the idea. Why is that?

Jeff's mother, Ellen, was right. Jeff was only a child at the time.

Jeff's dad wasn't around in the Miller household. Why?

Jeff's father died in the World War II. This may have been common in families in the mid-'50's.

In one episode, "The Visitor," the show tackled bigotry head-on. From what land did the student in the episode come from?

"The Visitor," episode tackled bigotry. This happened when a Japanese exchange student got into some local trouble.

Jeff's mother, Ellen, really isn’t the farm girl type. She had a singing voice, though. Where did her interests lie?

Ellen, Jeff's widowed mother, was a musician. Her job offers and work usually revolved around music.

Which member of the Miller family actually ran the farm, in the absence of Jeff's dad?

Gramps, Ellen's father-in-law, was still the one who ran the farm, even in his advancing age. Jeff and Ellen probably helped as best as they could.

Little orphan Timmy stayed with his elder relatives, at first. Why did the young widow, Ellen, and the rest of the Millers take Timmy in?

Ellen decided to take Timmy in. With Timmy's relatives being much older, it was better for all if the young widow, Ellen, took care of Timmy.

Hi-Ho Lassie Away! This masked man from the wild west made an appearance in "Lassie." Who was this man with the silver bullets?

Lone Ranger dropped by in the classic "Lassie" TV series. This kind of character crossovers happened sometimes in the early days of TV.

Aside from having Lassie, Jeff and Timmy also had friends in Boomer and Porky. Who were these characters?

Jeff had Porky, and Timmy had Boomer as neighborhood friends. There would be more kids in and out of the cast later.

Tragedy isn't usually done in family shows, but it was different with "Lassie." What sad event in the fourth season triggered the first big change in the show?

In a surprising move, the producers killed off Gramps, Jeff's grandfather. This would have a game-changing effect in the Lassie" series.

Sometimes you have to go where there are more opportunities, rather than stay in the neighborhood. Where did Ellen and Jeff plan to head, upon leaving the farm?

With no one left to properly manage the farm, Ellen and Jeff needed to find better opportunities. The best options were in the city.

This actor was an unlikely guest on​ the "Lassie" TV show. He's also The Dude in "The Big Lebowski." Who was this cool actor?

Jeff Bridges played a bumbling Job Corps Worker in the episode "Success Story." It's a sign of how he would play laid-back characters in the future.

With Jeff and Ellen moving away, which character in the show would take care of Lassie?

Jeff realized he couldn’t bring Lassie to the city. Jeff let Timmy have Lassie.

With the Millers gone, Timmy was without a family -- again! How did the show get around that?

A new couple, the Martins, adopted Timmy. Talk about perfect timing!

Lassie isn't just a loving animal. In some cases, she has to bare some teeth. What happens to her and wild animals at times?

Lassie sometimes ends up fighting wild animals. That, and looking after kids, must make Lassie the busiest dog ever.

The classic "Lassie" TV show was broadcast at a time of social change. In one episode, it addressed a Cold War fear of nuclear power. What was the problem in that particular episode?

In one episode, "The Space Traveller," Timmy may have been exposed to high levels of radiation. It would take some time for them to run that episode again.

The Martins really did “buy" into being a part of the neighborhood. What did they do that probably made Timmy and Lassie very happy?

The Martins bought the old Miller property, when they decided to stay. At least Lassie would feel that home is still home.

Timmy and the Martins would also bow out of the classic "Lassie" TV show eventually. In their case, they migrated to another country. To which country did they go?

There was no clear reason why the Martins had to leave. However, they did leave for Australia.

For a short time after Timmy and the Martins leave, Lassie stays with Cully Wilson, a neighbor and series regular. What happened to Cully later on?

Cully Wilson is the second elderly character to get sick, or worse, in the TV series. It was because of this that Lassie eventually was given to yet another master.

After Timmy, Lassie is adopted by a new master again. In this case, it wasn't a little boy. What was his new master's job?

Lassie eventually pairs up with Corey Stuart. He's a forest ranger, and this opens new adventure horizons for Lassie.

There were big differences for the storylines in "Lassie" during the Ranger years. Where would many of her adventures be located?

Lassie's adventures centered on forest issues and wild animals even more. The old farm and the characters in the town disappeared during this period.

Later on, Corey's fellow rangers, Bob and Scott, would take care of Lassie as his "godfathers." Why did Corey disappear from the show?

Corey was injured in a forest fire, and the character bowed out of the series as he had to recover from serious burns.

Towards the end of the TV series run, one season had no regular humans in the cast at all. In the first few episodes, Lassie was traveling with relatives. Who were these dogs?

The first episodes of this season were about Lassie giving birth and finding new homes for her puppies. She would normally give one of her puppies to people who needed them most.

The final scene of the series is Lassie relaxing in the Holden Ranch. In which part of the Holden house do we find Lassie in the last scene of each episode?

Lassie's final scene was her relaxing on the front porch. It was a quiet way to end the long-running series.

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