Bake Us a Cake and We'll Tell You If It Was Any Good

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Baking doesn't use recipes, it uses formulas. This is because it is an exact science. The reactions of the different ingredients with each other can get messed up by even the smallest misstep. Too much baking powder? You'll taste it for sure, and it will overpower the rest of the flavors. Use gluten-free flour instead of all-purpose? That will make a huge difference. Some people prefer cooking because they can add whatever they want that they think will taste good. But cake baking is far different, and if the directions are followed, the reward is a tasty treat.

Even when you have a recipe to follow, sometimes things don't work out. Your oven temperature, quality of ingredients, the temperature of ingredients and amount of love you put into the cake will all determine how good it turns out. But the good news is, the more cakes you bake, the better you get at it. You have to have fun with it, too. After all, it is just a cake. Anyone you feed cake to probably won't be upset unless you mix up the sugar for salt. Now that you're all primed and ready to go, bake us a cake and we'll tell you if it's any good!

Which flavor of cake are you going with?

Where are you getting the recipe from?

Is the cake for a special occasion?

Have you baked this cake before, or are you a first timer?

Is your cake supposed to look like something else that's not cake?

Do you read through the whole recipe before getting started?

Will you get all of your ingredients measured, weighed out and organized before starting the process?

What if you are missing a key ingredient?

How accurate is your oven when it comes to temperature?

How do you know when your batter is properly mixed?

Are you using the creaming method or the reverse creaming method?

Do you care about the quality of the ingredients you put in the cake?

What add-ins are going in your cake?

Is your batter on the thicker side or a little runnier?

Time to bake! How long are you baking the cake for?

What method do you use for testing when the cake is done?

Do you let the cake cool properly before trying to decorate it?

When you're ready to decorate, what are you using?

How are you frosting the cake?

Are you adding anything to the top or sides of the cake to really jazz it up?

Will you chill the cake before serving it?

What are you hoping the texture of the inside is?

Will you cut the cake into standard triangle slices, or does it require something different?

Are you proud of your cake so far?

Is there anyone who inspired this cake?

What is the main flavor that you are hoping people get from your cake?

Will there be leftovers?

Did you like this recipe enough to make it again?

Did you change anything from the original recipe?

What was the most common comment you got about your cake?

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