Baby Boomers: Can You Name All of These Nostalgic Items From Your Generation?

By Jody Mabry on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

The Baby Boomers are among the most fortunate cohort of people ever to be born in human history. They came into a world that was recovering from a terrible war, where a bad economic year meant 4% growth and a good one 7%. It was a period of rising wages, lifetime job security with a high school education and strong unions, as well as many decades of peace within their homeland.

Some Boomers merely enjoyed the fruits of being the most prosperous generation in history. However, many marched with the leaders of the Civil Rights, labor and feminist movements, while others rebelled against their parents and society and took up with the hippie movement. America was ascendant, there was a common enemy to unite against in the form of the USSR, and life was good. 

As a result, the Boomers enjoyed a great explosion in cultural opportunities, from TV to toys to cars. Suddenly all sorts of fabulous and fun things became available to people who could never have dreamed of them a generation earlier. Boomers are still the largest generation in America, which means the things they love are still around or at least spoken of regularly. Let's see how well you remember these blasts from the past!

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