Name These Auto Shop Tools from One Image in 6 Minutes

By Chelsea on April 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Whether you took auto shop in high school or you've just changed the occasional tire, you've spent some part of your life around the tools common in auto shops. A lot of them also have uses in the wider world. In this quiz, we're going to show you pictures of some common auto shop tools, give you a hint (if needed) and let you try your hand at identifying them!

Back in the early decades of automobiles, almost everyone who owned a car knew at least a little about how to fix it. Those early cars weren't tremendously reliable, so if you wanted to count on your flivver to get you from point A to point B, you had to know a bit about what made it go. You didn't have to be able to rebuild the engine on the side of the road, but knowing how to change a spark plug or replace a bum tire was a must.

These days, with cars that are as much computer as combustion engine, working on your own vehicle has become increasingly the province of an electrical engineer than a grease monkey. But some tools never change, and some parts of your car are not much different from those on Henry Ford's original motor wagons.  So wipe the oil off your hands and see if you can identify these common shop tools. Take the quiz now!

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