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Whether they be looking for treasure, a wooden leg, or voluptuous company, pirates have a lot to be known for. What can you remember from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean?

What insprired the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"?

The original Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened in Disneyland in 1967. Since then, similar rides have opened at other Disney parks. The ride received upgrades after the movie release to include the movie characters in the attraction.


The role of Elizabeth Swann is played by which actress?

Knightley is a British actress famous for role in “Pride & Prejudice,” “Bend It Like Beckham,” and “Atonement.”


In the opening scene, young Elizabeth discovers what floating in the water?

Elizabeth discovers a young boy floating on a piece of wooden debris from a nearby shipwreck. The young boy’s name is William Turner.


When brought on board, what was young William Turner wearing that Elizabeth took from him?

William Turner was wearing a gold medallion around his neck. Young Elizabeth saw the medallion, and thinking Will was a pirate, took it from him to keep him safe. Captured pirates were often put to death for treason.


The Caribbean settlements featured in the movie are under the ruling of which established country?

The British had high hopes of establishing profitable colonies in the Caribbean, competing with other European powers such as Spain, Portugal, and France. The settlements and seas featured in the movie were specifically under British rule.


What is the name of the British city featured in the movie as the center of British government and civilization in the Caribbean?

Port Royal was a real British city on the island of Jamaica. The city was the center of shipping and commerce in the Caribbean and also served as the capital of Jamaica under British rule.


Elizabeth’s father, played by actor Jonathan Pryce, holds what position in British government for this region?

Governor Swann and his daughter Elizabeth lived in the Governor’s mansion overlooking the port. Governor Swann was appointed Governor of Port Royal by the King of England.


Which actor plays the role of William Turner?

Orlando Bloom is a British actor who also played roles in the “Lord of the Rings” series, “The Hobbit” series, “Kingdom of Heaven”, and “Troy”.


What item does William Turner make for Governor Swann to give as a gift to James Norrington for his promotion ceremony?

William Turner, as a blacksmith’s apprentice, forged a sword that was to be gifted to the newly promoted James Norrington.


What rank in the Royal Navy is James Norrington being promoted to at the ceremony?

Captain Norrington is being promoted to Commodore Norrington at the promotion ceremony. A navy commodore is superior to a navy captain, but below an admiral.


Which “legendary” ship does Jack Sparrow mention to the two British marines guarding the harbor in order to distract them?

The Black Pearl is not just any “legendary” ship. Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, was all too familiar with this ship, as he was the captain not that long ago.


What mark does the East India Trading Company place on one’s forearm to identify them as pirates?

The letter “P”, standing for “pirate”, was branded on the forearm of anyone guilty of piracy against the East India Trading Company. Captain Jack Sparrow had this marking on his arm, leading to his arrest by Norrington.


During the raid on Port Royal, the crew of the Black Pearl takes what from the governor’s mansion?

The crew of the Black Pearl takes Elizabeth Swann from her room in the mansion. They also find her in possession of the medallion, which they have been searching for some time.


Upon capture, what word does Elizabeth say in order to be taken to the captain of the Black Pearl unharmed?

Parley is a negotiation or discussion between two parties, during which no harm can befall the adversary. Upon invoking the rule of parley, the crew members reluctantly take her directly to the captain, sticking to and honoring the “pirate code."


Elizabeth uses what alias name to protect her true identity?

Elizabeth Swann uses the name Elizabeth Turner to hide her identity and the fact that she is the governor’s daughter. However, once the crew hears the name Turner, they think she will be useful and kidnap her.


William Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow agree to work together to save Elizabeth. Together, they commandeer which ship?

Will and Jack’s plan to commandeer the Interceptor worked flawlessly. Unable to ready a ship out to sea without a full crew, the two board another ship, pretending to steal it. As the Interceptor reached the ship, the crew boarded the ship to apprehend Will and Jack, who snuck onto the Interceptor, already prepared for sea.


Jack’s compass is seemingly broken, as it doesn’t point north; where instead does it point?

Jack’s compass appears to have some magic to it. As many assume the compass to be broken, it actually points toward whatever the heart desires most. Jack uses the compass to find the Black Pearl and Elizabeth.


Where do Will and Jack stop first to assemble a crew to man the Interceptor on the quest to find the Black Pearl?

Will and Jack sail to Tortuga, essentially a lawless and rundown settlement; a pirate’s paradise. Here they assemble a crew together to man the Interceptor.


What is the name of the current captain of the Black Pearl?

The Black Pearl was originally under the command of Captain Jack Sparrow. Barbossa, played by actor Geoffrey Rush, was Captain Jack’s first mate. Barbossa organized a mutiny, and stranded Jack on an island and left him for dead.


What caused the curse that affected the crew of the Black Pearl?

After stealing the bearings for Isla de Muerta from Jack and marooning him on an island, Barbossa and his crew found the cursed Aztec treasure of Cortez. Not believing in any curse, the pirates took all 882 pieces of gold and traded them for frivolous things.


What reveals the pirates' true form as a result of the Aztec curse?

As part of the curse, the moonlight reveals the pirates to be living, rotting skeletons. They are immortal, and cannot die. However, none of their worldly desires can be fulfilled, so they also cannot feel alive.


What is the name of the Black Pearl crew member that felt badly about marooning Jack on an island and telling the crew they deserve to be cursed?

Bootstrap Bill, otherwise known as William Turner, was Will’s father. After telling the crew they deserve to be cursed, he sent one of the Aztec gold pieces to his son, hiding it from the rest of the crew. However, Barbossa tied him to a cannon and he plunged to the bottom of the sea.


What does the crew need to lift the curse?

In order to lift the curse, the crew must relocate all of the gold Aztec pieces and return them to the chest. In addition, they must repay the debt with the blood of Bootstrap Bill. Since Bootstrap Bill was no longer with them, they need the blood of his child to lift the curse.


After the truth comes out that William Turner is the child of Bootstrap Bill, Jack and Elizabeth are marooned on the same island Jack was stranded on before. How do they get off the island?

The last time Jack escaped from the island, he bartered passage off the island with a group of rum runners. Elizabeth burns a hidden stash of rum for a smoke signal to the Royal Navy, who shows up hours later to rescue them.


How does Jack “kill” Barbossa and regain control of the Black Pearl?

At the Isla de Muerta, Jack and Barbossa engage in an epic sword fight. At the moment Will returns the medallion to the chest with his blood, Jack shoots Barbossa with his pistol. He only had one shot in the pistol which Barbossa gave to him when he was marooned on the island. Jack took the shot to get his revenge and become captain of the Black Pearl again.


What is Captain Barbossa's first name?

Hector is the name of Captain Barbossa; he was originally captain of the schooner named Cobra.


What fruit is Captain Barbossa partial to?

Often seen chewing on an apple throughout the movie, this further exemplifies the nasty teeth that Barbossa has. He eats the apples despite the curse and his inability to ever satisfy his hunger.


Captain Barbossa has a pet monkey. What is the monkey's name?

Barbossa named the monkey “Jack”, essentially mocking the fact that Jack Sparrow was no longer captain.


What year was "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" released in theaters?

"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" was released in theaters in 2003 to great success, grossing over $650 million worldwide.


Who directed "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?"

Gore Verbinski directed "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." He has also directed other Disney movies as well as music videos and commercials.


What nautical maneuver does the Interceptor perform in order to line its cannons to take aim at the Black Pearl?

Clubhauling is a maneuver to sharply turn the ship by lowering the anchor to the seabed and using the ships momentum to swing it around the anchor. This is a risky move because too much momentum can tear the ship apart. However, the successful maneuver allows the Interceptor to take direct aim at the Black Pearl.


What is different about the Walt Disney logo in the credits?

At the end of the film in the credits, the Walt Disney logo is golden in color.


At the end of the sword fight with Captain Jack, Will Turner is sprayed with a powdery substance. What was that substance in real life?

Orlando Bloom was sprayed with powdered chocolate to simulate a sawdust-like substance being sprayed on Will Turner after his sword fight with Captain Jack in the blacksmith's shop.


Which famous actor was offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow?

Robert Di Niro was offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow but declined it because he thought the film wouldn't be as successful as other pirate movies.


Johnny Depp gained inspiration for his interpretation of the character from what famous rock star?

Johnny Depp is good friends with Keith Richards, a member of The Rolling Stones. Depp decided to portray pirates as being the rock stars of the 18th century and gained inspiration from his real-life rock star friend.


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