Argg! What's Your Pirate Name?

By: Teresa M.
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Avast, ye mateys! Climb aboard the good ship and earn ye self a pirate name. Careful not to hornswoggle the answers, or ye will never be a freebooter!

Which ocean would you most like to sail?

What might you name the parrot that sits on your shoulder?

If you were the ship's cook, what might you serve your fellow shipmates?

Why would you have to walk the plank?

Which Jack Sparrow quote do you like most?

If you were commanding a pirate ship, who would be your first mate?

Which kind of fish do you like eating most?

What would you mix with rum?

Which part of a pirate's outfit would you be most likely to wear?

Which explorer do you find most fascinating?

What would you most like to have a treasure box full of?

Are you a good swimmer?

If you realized you were stranded on an island, what would you do first?

Would you be offended to be called a scalawag?

Which pirate rank do you think you would have?

What do you like most about the beach?

Which kind of cruise would you most like to take?

Which pirate phrase do you like most?

What fruit would you eat to avoid getting scurvy?

How much of a seadog are you?

Which Florida city would you like to dock your ship in?

Which "Gilligan's Island" character do you have the most in common with?

How would you avoid ending up in Davey Jones' locker?

What kind of fishing might you try?

What do you think the Jolly Roger means?

Which pirate film do you like most?

What would you take to a pirate themed party?

If your ship were marooned on a sandbar, what would you do to pass time?

What would you yell if you saw another ship approaching?

What illness would make you fly the yellow jack?

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