Are You As Well Built As a Ford Truck?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

There is no doubt that you are well built, everybody knows that. You have muscles on your muscles. You not only are incredibly strong physically, you are mentally tough as well. When people think of you, in their minds you are always doing things that are super impressive, things that the rest of us mere mortals would never dare to attempt. In fact, throughout the entire land, there is no one person or nothing in this world that would dare to take you on, and that is the Ford truck. If the Ford truck went up against the Incredible Hulk, the Hulk would run away crying, the Ford truck could invade another country and conquer it all by itself. If the Ford truck was in a fight with Chuck Norris...well the Ford truck would lose. Nothing can beat Chuck Norris.

What about you? When it comes down to it how well built and tough are you? We all know how ridiculously well built and tough the Ford Truck is! Are you ready to take this quiz and see who is the most well built in all the land? Well, not including Chuck Norris that is. When he was born he slapped the Doctor.

Do you have a strong back?

Can you adjust to sudden changes?

Would your friends describe you as sensitive?

Which is more important, strength or refinement?

How would you describe your efforts at completing a job?

Can you handle carrying heavy things a long way?

Would it be a good idea to turn to you to help someone to move into a walkup apartment?

How many times do you need to be given instructions?

What do you need on the job to keep yourself happy?

You've hit your thumb with a hammer. How do you handle it?

You are about to fall over. What do you do?

You just caught something out of the corner of your eye. How do you respond?

You're out at the bar with some friends, and badly cut your finger. How do you handle it?

You just snapped the stem off a wineglass at a party, and there aren't any other ones left. There's a toast. What do you do?

How much sleep do you need?

How long before you need a meal?

Are you equally comfortable around blue and white collar people?

Is authenticity important to you?

How's your stamina?

Do you have a quirky sensibility?

Are you more town or country?

Are you easily surprised?

How resilient are you?

While reading in the library, you see an absolutely enormous spider! What do you do?

There's a mosquito in the house. What do you do?

You got bad news right before an important presentation. What do you do?

Are you a hugger?

Do you know how to enforce your boundaries?

Do you know how to take a joke?

Do you blend in well in a crowd?

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