Are You Tuning Out Your Significant Other?

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What time did you say we're leaving? I'm sorry, who's visiting, when? What's this about a delivery on Friday? Is this your relationship, or just a sitcom playing in the background of the harmony that is your love nest?

Can you order their meals for them at restaurants?

Do you often find yourselves staring at separate screens in the same room?

Do you know what emotional labor is?

Do they have your favorite drink ready when you come home?

Do you text each other when you see something funny in the street?

How many nicknames do you have for each other?

Do you know what they worry about most?

Do you know what they are most proud of?

Do you say "I love you" in the same language they hear it?

Do they mind if you need some alone time?

Do you have a code word for when you want to leave a party?

You love them, of course: do you actually still like them?

Do you feel proud to be seen with them?

Do you think they're proud to be seen with you?

Can you imagine life without them?

Do you still spend quality time together?

Do you accept that a relationship is always some work, even if it is a really good one?

Do you ever do anything nice for them just for no reason?

When was the last time you surprised them?

Do you feel like you know everything about each other?

Do you sometimes burst into song at the same moment?

Do you know what they're thinking?

Do you know which of your outfits they like best on you?

Do any of your single friends ever express that they envy your relationship?

Do you argue in front of other people?

Do you avoid the important conversations?

Are you at peace with knowing that one day they will be old and wrinkly?

Do you sometimes irrationally fear that they will die?

Do you share a lot of interests?

Are you threatened by each other's separate interests?

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